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Need drivers for this pci wifi card (x64)
Hi, as it says in the title, I need drivers for the following device: http://www.play.com/PC/PCs/4-/20710126/6...tails.html

I'm using Windows 7 64-bit.

I haven't received the device yet and only ordered it today, but I thought I'd try and get the drivers sorted for when it arrives in a few days.


After looking at other threads I've realised maybe this wasn't the right card to buy, people seem to have a lot of problems with them. Hopefully I can get it going though.
Does it not come with drivers?
If you try and install the drivers now you may have issues when you intall the wireless NIC. Best to wait, install the card, insert the CD/DVD driver disc when you boot the computer and let Windows detect the drivers from the media. If it doesn't detect it, then there my be a SETUP.EXE file to run in the root directory/folder.

If you have any issues of problems when the device arrives then post back here.

If you have any questions then post back here post haste. Grin
this is going to sound strange.
the edup cards are not bad, reasonably made and priced and they do use a good chipset
the problem comes with edup support.
like all small jap companies they worry about production first and support second.
as long as you get the cdrom the card will work just fine.

if you don't get the cdrom your first port of call will be its device id string as that gives away what chipset is being used
It does come with the drivers, however I didn't theyd work on windows 7 machine as it says supports Windows 95-xp or something like that. Hopefully it'll work just fine, if not I'll get back to you.

If it does work, I'll upload the drivers and link to them if they're not already on the site if it's any help.
thank you that would be a big help as i will add them to the download section.

for info i think the card you bought is the EP-7601 edup say that works with vista and if it works with vista it should work with windows 7 using the vista driver.

edup do have some sort of download section just not all their products are covered
that can be fiound here.

just in case your driver disk does not contain the vista driver i would try this driver direct from them.
I will download this myself later today and see if i can pinpoint what chipset the driver is for.
Nevermind, I've done it.

Here are the drivers, for windows 7, Vista and XP.

Here's the uploaded drivers.


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