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Problem when signing up.
Hi, when signing up I had to go through the registration process twice as it says I am a known spammer, however, I went on the site linked in the thread about getting rid of spammers and my IP, email and usernames etc all came up clean.

Yet it worked when I signed up again when changing my email and username.

I know this isn't a big deal, I'm just curious as to how it could have flagged me as a spammer?
Your IP may have been in a range of IPs that were known for spamming. As for it working today then it is possible the spammer database has been uploaded and the IP address range is no longer included in the spam range.

I have my own Mail Server and have been at time blacklisted for spamming. What has happened is my Domain Name has been used so that is blacklisted by the many "saints" out there who do such a thing one of whom charges 115 Euro to get you unlisted immediately. Poo Nice eh.

At present I am unable to sent email to any Gmail account to to an active list that I can't find not can I be bothered looking too hard. It ain't my loss that I can't email Gmail accounts.
sorry you had problems joining my site.
as you know spam is a massive problem for all free sites such as mine and i do have tight controls in place to help keep the site clean.

my site is linked in to the stop forum spam website and its possible at the first sign up their database was down so my site was unable to check your details.
the fail safe for when that happens is to reject the new user.
i know its a pain in the butt for some user's but i am trying to protect all my members from spam.

The site has been awarded child safe and i really do want to keep it that way.

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