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Windows FLP.
Before i continue, i'd like to apologise if this is in the wrong section.

So, i have the Sony Vaio PCG series, and its getting old now, but im still looking to use this to its full potential. What im wondering is, if i install this onto the laptop. Can it still be used as the following.

# Wireless connection
# Games such as, facebook for the kids.
# Installation of commercial programs.

It's just i've been reading up, and it seems to be a completly stripped down version of XPSP2. Is this worth a go or would you avoid?

I've been told to F-Disk with Win98, but i am absolutley lost with how to, im pretty techy, but firstly, i dont have a Win98 disc, and secondly, im pretty much XP and onwards, i.e Vista and 7, meaning i can install, create boot disk with N-Lite etc. If you read my posts before we had a hell of a problem with a previous laptop before i gave up on it, I don't like to throw money away but if you see no other option, this is the palce for that advice! Lol.

Thanks a lot in advance, Wazza.
Fdisk is not as hard as you might think however it won't mean a bean for windows xp as windows 98 is using fat 32 file system and windows xp is using ntfs.
all you have to do is run the windows xp install delete the old dos partition and make a new ntfs one for xp then do a full and complete format of the hard drive and the swap over is complete without the need for any fdisk to take place.

all fdisk does is delete and make dos partitions that was its job.

for me to fully understand the machine you want to use can you post its full model number as printed on its base sticker.
I will check its hardware up and let you know if I think xp will be ok.

the only thing that might let you down would be memory support some early laptops had trouble supporting more then 256meg of ram and that really is the min needed by xp.
Did someone mention boot disks? http://www.bootdisk.com/bootdisk.htm
yes using that site we can teach you how to learn about Fdisk if you want to that is

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