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Endoscope Camera

I've brought an inspection camera off ebay but I cant get it to work. It came with a cd which just included capture software 'RsCap' Version 1.08. Its meant to be plug and play, and it does seem to install correctly but when trying to use it the capture screen is just black.

I've tried various drivers I've downloaded from the internet:
Realtek 6.1.7600.0023

I dont know if any of this is useful or means anything?...
Driver files as standard are: windows\system32\drivers\usbvideo.sys

Hardware IDs

Compatible IDs:

Driver Key:

Any help gratefully received! Rock

Link to the camera purchased:
give this HP driver a try.

you have to read between the lines when dealing with id strings so much misleading info on the net these days but it seems to be a common id string that's in a lot of Hp notebooks.
please make sure that when your installing the driver that your firewall and anti-virus are shut down or they can and do block the install.

another way of trying if its a plug and play cam is by doing the following.
again shut down your firewall and anti-virus programs
go on the net.
then go in to device manager, you will see the problem cam with a yellow or red ! or ?
right click on that problem and select update driver.
follow the wizard and allow it to search online.
that will auto search Microsoft database for the driver without the firewall getting in the way.

if you still have problems please post back with what windows your running
Thanks for the reply.

As a last resort i followed a 'how to' online which said uninstall all the usb hubs in device manager then restart and let them reinstall on restart.

After doing that I plugged the camera in and it worked fine!

Stange, but it seemed to work!

Thanks again
I found the solution to install these drivers HP. My camera works below:




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