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Digital Camera software
Hi Davey,

I'm looking for the installation software for a Samsung S1070 digital camera so I can process some pictures that I need.

I know I had it installed on one of my pc's but think I lost it when it crashed some time ago.
I have looked on the web but am unable to find it.

Can you help please?
just checking that with Samsung and its plug and play jeff.
in other words connect it to your pc and then switch the cam on.
windows should load a standard plug and play driver and you can then access your pictures from a removeable drive in my computer.

if you have the pictures on your machine already and want to adjust them windows does have paint built in but that is not a very good program.
I much prefer something a little better such as paint shop pro.
if your looking for a free program I will do a search and see what I feel might be the best free one for you.
Hi Davey,

When I connect the camera to a usb port and turn on the power my PC does not detect it, and when I try to install it (through 'add a device' it says it has installed it but cannot connect to it or read the pictures on it!

I have never had problems with using it with this PC in the past.

It seems as if it will just not detect it.

some cams can be a pain in the butt to read from even my own Fuji is a pain and the reason why I bought a card reader for it.
my pc does see the cam and I can preview the images but I can't for the love of god download them.

just out of interest jeff what windows are you running ?
and what port have you connected the cam to ?
I would say front ports are a no no always use a main port at the back of the pc or laptop.

I will do some more checking on this for you jeff but I have a feeling its a plug and play error more then anything else.

that's why we call it plug and pray in the trade.
if possible try it on another machine even one in your local library should be able to access that cam.
just got a email back from Samsung support, As I feared that cam is plug and play with everything above windows 98.

if your still having problems jeff try doing this.

first update your motherboard chipset drivers this will contain any new usb drivers.
second shut down your firewall and anti-virus and then plug the cam in to a different usb port.
windows should find it and load a plug an play driver without the firewall e.t.c blocking it.

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