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help with Nvidia Go 6150
My info is as follows:
Product Name F553CL
Microprocessor 2.0 GHz AMD Turion? 64 Mobile Technology MK-36
Video Graphics NVIDIA GeForce Go 6150 (UMA)

I decided to run XP (as previous posts have suggested that Vista is terrible). I gathered a lot of support (found below), but the drivers that have been recommended to me do not work for the video card. I am at a complete loss. Do I wait and without graphics until an update is released, or is there an actual solution for Video? PLEASE HELP ME!


(3 conversations)
Maggie: chipset and network card

Maggie: video

ftp://ftp.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp33501-34000/sp33549.exe (this does not work)
Maggie: wireless

Maggie: touchpad

Maggie: Quick launch button software

Maggie: Here are the steps to install Audio driver:

Maggie: Here are the steps to install Audio driver:
Maggie: First download and install the UAA driver from the following link:
Maggie: After installing this, download and install the audio driver from the following link:
Maggie: This will create a swsetup folder in c drive ("C:\swsetup\sp32823")
Maggie: Installing this driver may result in an error. But continue with the following steps to get the audio driver installed correctly.
Maggie: 1. Click on Start and select Run. Now type devmgmt.msc and press enter.
2. Right click on "Audio device on High Definition Audio Bus" and click Update driver.
3. Select "Install from a list or specific location"
Maggie: 4. Click Next. Then select "Don't search, I will choose the driver to install"
5. Click Next and then select "Sound, video and game controller" from the list.
6. Click Next and then click Have Disk.
Maggie: 7. Click Browse C:\swsetup\sp32823 folder and select the .inf (wis30b2a) file and click open and Continue with the onscreen instructions.
Xavier: Hello Jesse.
Jesse Law: hello
Xavier: Welcome to HP Total Care for Compaq Presario Notebooks.

My name is Xavier. How may I help you today?
Jesse Law: just spoke to 'maggie'
Jesse Law: she had helped me with drivers from when i downgraded to xp from vista for my presario f553cl
Jesse Law: the graphics drivers are not functioning according to an error window
Jesse Law: that the drivers cant find any compatible hardware
Jesse Law: she gave me the two following links :
Jesse Law: ftp://ftp.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp33501-34000/sp33549.exe
, ftp://ftp.compaq.com/pub/softpaq/sp33501...p33537.exe
Xavier: Thank you for the information.
Xavier: Your notebook is specially designed for Vista operating system.
Xavier: HP does not recommend upgrading the Operating System. We support only the pre-installed Operating System. However, let me see how I can help you with this.
Xavier: You can try the below driver for video card:
Xavier: http://downloads.guru3d.com/download.php?det=1116 (this caused my computer to not boot windows - it would freeze)
Jesse Law: thank you very much - i found vista to be draining all of the resources
Xavier: OR
Xavier: ftp://ftp.compaq.com/pub/softpaq/sp33001...p33411.exe (doesnt work)
Xavier: Or
Xavier: http://download3.msi.com.tw/support/dvr_...3_8205.zip (non working link)
Xavier: Please copy and paste the link into Internet explorer page.
Xavier: NOTE: The URL above will take you to a non HP Web site. HP does not control and is not responsible for information outside of the HP Web site.
Xavier: Till now Intel manufacture has not released drivers supported by your notebook model however the above drivers will work.
Xavier: You can try downloading and install the above drivers.
Jesse Law: i will do so and i will come back here if it doesnt help
Xavier: Sure.
Xavier: I have provide all the drivers available in our database.
Xavier: Is there anything else I could help you with?
Jesse Law: no thank you, though
Xavier: You are welcome.
Xavier: It's my pleasure assisting you.
Xavier: Bye...Jesse.
Xavier: Thank you for using HP Total Care and giving us an opportunity to serve you through Chat Support.
Jesse Law: bye
Xavier: Please feel free to contact us if you require any further assistance. We are dedicated to providing support for your needs 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Xavier: Our exclusive Owner Services will help keep all of your HP and Compaq products up and running. Please visit our Web site at:
Jesse Law: well at least i didnt see you reply that there is nothing i can do other than visit the trash compactor
Kristy: Restart the notebook and keep tapping "F8" key at Compaq logo.
Kristy: Adavanced boot menu options will be displayed.
Kristy: Choose "last known good configuration" option from the list.
Jesse Law: ok -
Jesse Law: watching the windows flag
Jesse Law: in windows start menu
Kristy: Okay.
Jesse Law: ok so then my next question is what to do about the vid driver
Kristy: I understand that the notebook is now booting,am I right?
Jesse Law: i made it into the desktop
Jesse Law: i jsut restarted and then i will see if th vid driver is working
Jesse Law: well it says on teh device manager that the video controller doesnt have a drvier and same witht eh audio - even though i did install it and i think it functioned
Jesse Law: i jsut got an error that the spooler subsystem app encountered a problem - could you elaborate if that is related to the vid and the audio?
Kristy: Yes Jesse,it may be related to the audio or video drivers.
Kristy: may I know if the audio device is working fine?
Jesse Law: so what can you tell me to do about the vid driver?
Kristy: Just confirm if you have tried with the following drivers.
Kristy: ftp://ftp.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp33001-33500/sp33411.exe


Jesse Law: th sound is not working
Jesse Law: th guru download got me into this mess but i may try it again because i had a problem restarting -
Kristy: Alright Jesse.
Jesse Law: so maybe it was interupted
Kristy: Please try with the drivers in guru3d.com I have provided.
Jesse Law: ok
Kristy: May I know if the sound device was working fine earlier when you install the sound drivers?
Jesse Law: i didnt test it - i will check
Jesse Law: when i get to that
Kristy: Okay Jesse.
Jesse Law: i encountered the same issue as before with the guru driver
Jesse Law: so i will install the sound - but i dont know what to do about th vid driver
Kristy: HP does not recommend upgrading or downgrading the Operating System.
Kristy: HP has not released video drivers for XP for your model of notebook.
Kristy: However,we tried with the compatible drivers.
Kristy: In this regard I suggest you to perform windows update option in XP.
Jesse Law: i see
Kristy: It will search for the drivers in Micosoft site and install the necessary drivers if found.
Kristy: Please refer the following link.
Kristy: http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/gener...n&jum#N279
Kristy: Note: Please do not click the link, just copy the entire link and paste it in a new Internet Explorer browser window and hit Go.
Kristy: Jesse,please try with the windows updates option and if the problem still persists you need to reinstall vista in your notebook.
Kristy: Jesse,are we connected?
Jesse Law: we are
Jesse Law: thanks for your information
Kristy: You are most welcome.
Kristy: I am sorry for the inconvenience.
Kristy: Thank you for contacting HP Total Care Real-Time chat support. If you need further assistance, please contact us again at: http://www.hp.com/support/chat. Chat support is available 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week.
Kristy: Have a nice time!
Kristy: Bye and take care.
Jesse Law: ok bye
what we have to do is find a match at hp.
this is not a easy task by far but you have to match your main laptop chipset + cpu + video with a model before yours.
i will look to see if i can find something for you but it will take time as i have to find the full hardware spec of your machine then try and find a match.

may be worth you reading these two post's as well , you can see the problem with sound , video and some possible ways , and links to downloads.

and see if you can force the standard driver from nvidia for the " 6 " series of cards.
if your unsure how to force or even unpack the nvidia driver to force it have a read of this.

as you can see i have put a lot of work in to this problem for people but what seems to work for one does not work for another.
Thanks. You do the lord's work!
I will work on it and hope I find success.

what i have done today is sit and look at every model in the F500 series at hp , my eyes are sore but i have not found what i ws looking for, looks like the whole 500 range shipped with vista.
thats a real pain in the backside but i will keep looking for you.
Hi there, I've GeForce Go 6150 problem too.

i've just installed "Half Life 2: Episode 1" into my Compaq V3415AU notebook but the display was not good at all. The installation suggested i upgrade my NVidia driver or else the display might not work properly. I've checked NVidia's website, and the closest driver I could find is the GeForce 6150 which I believe is for desktop PC and not notebooks.

I wonder if installing the desktop update version could solve the problem...or would that make matters worse?

yes it may slove your problem the only difference is you won't have all the power save options built in the driver like the go drivers do.
before you install it make sure you do a system restore point just in case things don't work out the way they should.
if it don't work use system restore to restore the computer back to the point before the desktop driver was installed.
Ok, thanks. How do i create a system restore point, and how to get back to the original state? ...sorry i'm not exactly a tech savvy person. Eek

davey6 Wrote:yes it may slove your problem the only difference is you won't have all the power save options built in the driver like the go drivers do.
before you install it make sure you do a system restore point just in case things don't work out the way they should.
if it don't work use system restore to restore the computer back to the point before the desktop driver was installed.
if your running windows xp

click start , all programs , accessories , system tools , system restore

the above works for making and restoring you get the option to choose what you want to do on the first screen

if your running vista click start , in the search on the bottom type system restore

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