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Help with satellite p105-s9337 Drivers
I just recently picked up this computer from a friend and it had windows 7 on it. It was really buggy and stopped working so i tried to install a vista 64 on it and could not get any network driver to work on it so now i have installed windows xp and im having the same kinda of luck. Im debating if i should just put windows 7 back on it or not. I just cant seem to get any drivers to work on it.
that laptop came pre shipped with vista and not windows 7.
I will try and track down the full download list for you in the morning as its getting kind of late here where I live.

out of the two o/s windows 7 is better then vista.
if you want to go along the windows xp route that may well take longer as the HD sound will be a problem along with the GFX card.

the problem is I think someone might have upgraded windows vista to windows 7 and that's never a good idea.
if you have a windows 7 dvd install I would just go straight for a clean install of windows 7
Yes it had vista 64 bit on it originally. I tired that and could not get any network or wifi driver working. I can put windows 7 on it in the morning and i never upgrade an os. Only do clean installs. I have to find the disk for it the only one i could find at the time is my old xp sp3 disk. Thanks
I will look for the correct drivers for both vista and windows 7 in the morning for you
hum I see tosh is their normal helpful self's.
its a usa model, and I have found the full spec of that machine here.

most of the windows 7 / vista drivers can be found here.


the wifi card is listed in that spec sheet as the intel 3945ABG

I would bypass tosh on that and get the drivers direct from intel as they will be more up to date.
so this set should get that running.

if that driver set fails to get your wifi running let me know its device id string its not uncommon for tosh to say one thing in the spec sheet and then change the hardware

lan is not listed in the downloads only the config free is listed I can see from the spec its a intel pro but again its not listed which one.
best way out of that really is to load what ever windows you wish and then call up the lans device id string and let me know what that is.
I can use that id string to pinpoint the lan right down to its chipset and point you to the correct download at intel.

on a side not, tosh are not listing the sound card driver, gfx driver, lan driver, wifi driver or the main chipset for windows xp so I would not load that unless you really have to or its going to be a pig to get fully running.

again from the spec I can see the machine has 2 gig memory, that's ok for xp but windows 7 64bit will slow down after a few months.

let me know if I can be of more help
Ok i installed windows 7 32 bit. When i go to do the wifi drivers it unpacks the file and or starts and asks about making changes to the computer. Then it simply does nothing. It just stops and doesnt install anything. Its the same thing that was happening to me when i tried vista.
ok, while the laptop is like that can you do a device id string check for me of both lan and wifi.
how to get those id's can be found here.

I would advise you do a memory test on that machine, just after a cold start and while your still in the bios screen start pushing F8 up and down.
this will call up a sub menu of windows 7.
from that you can do a full memory test just in case you have a bad simm that's not holding its memory.
once I know what the device id strings are I will rip apart the drivers myself and upload you just the bare driver files with no self install in them, they can then be loaded the manual way from device manager.

other possible cause I can think of would be a bad sector on the hard drive that's miss placing info from the temp files.

one other thing I can think of and that's this.
go in to the bios and do a full default load of its settings just in case something has got screwed up.
I doubt it has but its best to check.
The memory is fine no problems after the test. I reset the bios defaults and it booted up and loaded the driver. I now have it connected to the wifi. What are the other driver that i need to load on it. And is there a finger print driver for windows 7?

Also when i tried to get the sound driver off the tosh website they had non for the windows 7 32 but had some for the 64 bit version. It appears that it may be apart of the chipset drivers? Should i get that and try it? Also i noticed that overheating problems have happened with this computer. Do i need to worry about getting a driver that will help with the cooling fan?
as that laptop shipped with vista and tosh say it can be upgraded to windows 7 I would think the windows vista drivers will load in to windows 7.

tosh list this as the audio driver you need.

however they also list there is a possible 5 different sound cards that where fitted to your model Eek

finger print driver should be this one

for the fans to work correct you need to load up the tosh hardware tools, this does say its for vista but should work under windows 7

main chipset drivers if you have not loaded them already

I would also advise you use the auto detect from intel to bring the lan / wifi driver fully up to date.
now you have net access on the machine this should give you the best and most up to date drivers.

if you come across anything else just let me know and I will take a look for you.
reloading the bios defaults may have helped a great deal here because anything that was disabled is now fully enabled and under the bios auto control system.
Everything seems t be working good. Thanks for all your help.

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