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quick question
Davey my brother wants me to ask you if he really does have to give up windows xp next year ?

His laptop is very old but it came with windows xp and he does not want to change it.
He was advised by our local pc shop that after next year he will need a new laptop, is that ture or not ?

As always thanks
your brother does not need to rush out and buy a new laptop.
what the sales person said is rubbish
xp will not just stop working as from april next year.

all thats going to happen is microsoft are no longer going to bring out updates to patch any loop holes
it will still work and it will still access the net as it does now.
the only thing i would advise is you keep a good anti-virus and maybe a thrid party firewall on the machine.

i am not 100% sure microsoft will even stop support as i know alot of schools and local govenment offices are still running xp with no real plans on upgrading anytime soon.
it might be a case of mirosoft being forced to support xp for sometime to come.
i would not even advise anyone to upgrade to windows 8 as microsoft made a balls up of it and are in the middle of updating it.
to be honest by the time they are finished " patching " windows 8 you might as well be running windows 7

for myself i know windows xp is old now bloody old in fact but its still a very stable O/S to be running.
Supported until 2015! If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Only problem arises is when you buy new hardware that doesn't have XP drivers.
Thats good to know

This is one place on the internet that will always tell me the truth
Keep up the good work.

thanks smoo

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