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Packard bell easynote Hera GL
Are all Easynote Hera GL drivers compatible with each other or are there different drivers within the Model circle?
with the case of laptops the video is the most important driver and it has to come from P/B for your model.
the INF files of the video card drivers have to match your model.
sound card. chipset, network card e.t.c you can search and find the most up to date drivers.
the video card is the only one of the bunch that is a pain in the backside.
for info P/B download site has been updated at can now be found here
Thanks Dave,
I also wiped windows vista because its a crap system and I reinstalled xp pro
but I couldn't find the driver disc so I had trouble finding the drivers and as you know, its a minefield trawling through the net trying to find the right sites as I have the model and serial number but the model number says Hera GL and nothing else and thats all I have to go on. thats why I was asking about compatability between all Hera GL models Mine being manufactured in 2009.I have it working now on the net but still have a few issues like sound and wireless. Works ok on hard wire but not wireless. I can configure wireless but as soon as I close down and restart, I have to reconfigure for it to work again, but heyho the pc runs a lot faster now.

please don't tell me you have installed xp pro with service pack 3 just yet ?
when downgrading from vista to xp its best to stick with xp sp2 while you get all the drivers up and running as sp3 has a sound bug that effects Conexant chips a great deal.

there is a way to find you hardware without the minefield that is p/b website.

go in to device manager call up any unknown or problem device idstrings.
I can search those id strings and maybe find a driver that works.
how to do that can be found here.

you can also try Everest or AIDA64 as its now known ( same program different name )
run that trail version on your laptop and it might be able to tell you what sound, and wifi cards you have.
the way to use it is like this, run the program and look in the left hand list, you will see multimedia listed, click the small + next to it and then click pnp/pci sound
likewise the network cards will be listed under network + pnp/pci

if you let me know what ever you find out I can take a look and see if I can find any drivers that will help you.

p/b has never been great at support and I doubt they ever will.
Sorry Dave it was sp3. Have I messed it up?
well that really depends on the soundcard chip.
i admirer people that try and repair their own pc's and laptops even if it goes wrong.
in my book there is no harm in trying something as long as you learn from it.

call up the sound cards id string and i will try and pinpoint the card inside that laptop for you.
no point worrying about anything just yet as i do know some tricks you can try even with the conexant cards.
Thanks for your input Dave. I will be away from my PC for the next 2 weeks but I will get back to you as soon as I get back. I look forward to your pc Knowledge.
no problem mate when ever your ready just post what you can find out.
in the mean time I will try and search that model and see what I can throw up.
its a older model so that's the reason why I can't find it at p/b but I will take a look over their back pages
and see if I can find it listed.
Hi Dave,
Ive almost got it sussed the only couple of niggles are when I want to go into control panel an error notice comes up saying "Microsoft visual c runtime library" runtime error program;/WINDOWS\C:\ explorer.EXE R6034. I press ok and goes into control panel. Also the standby button wont work.
Any suggestions or are they minor details?

Still Yellow question marks against SM Bus Controller,Video controller and Video controller (VGA) compatible.
XP pro service pack 3 installed from vista
SNID 90802158249
mfg date2009/02/23
that sounds like the C++ runtime giving a problem.
you can update that from here.

best to update direct x as well as that will update all the direct x run times in the laptop.

smbus is part of the main chipset drivers so i need to track down what chipset you have, i think its intel but best to check.
likewise it may be a intel gfx but again i need to try and find out.

can you run AIDA64 and post the system's report page on the site as that should give me a full hardware break down and that will help a great deal.

laptop can't go in to standby when it don't know how to power off the video card, the video card problem and standby will be sloved by finding the correct drivers.
doing a search and i found a picture of the motherboard.
i can see the intel southbridge but can't read it however its enough info for me to tell you this.
click here and use the auto detect from intel.
it will pick the correct video card and correct chipset drivers for you.
cant run AIDA64 the system doesnt recognize that command! I downloaded the intel drivers though :@)

yellow sm bus has gone but the vga two are still there.
right click on the VGA problem and call up its details.
i need the idstring.
i will try and track it down that way.
pci\ven_8086&dev_2a43&SUBSYS_018B1631&REV_07\3&11583659 and has a yellow exclamation mark now
that is coming back as the intel mobile 4 series chipset.
that should make it this GFX card ( intel GM45 )
drivers for that can be got here but before you load these please look under add remove programs for any video card drivers already installed as its best to remove them first restart the laptop and then try these.

i will also check to see if i can find the correct P/B version of those drivers because most laptops need the driver from whoever made it.
Dave you are a wizzard.Thanks for your help! I couldn't have managed without your help.I've got the laptop back to where I'm comfortable with it without doing anything else to it. Other users should take note of your advice.***** Rock
glad to help out.

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