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nvidia drivers
dam biggles you seen the file size gfx drivers are getting ?

i am just downloading the newest driver for my card and its
201 MB Eek

long gone are the days of a 5 meg file for your video card.

201MB on dail up, that would have taken for ever but on my line its 10 seconds.

i remember a time it took longer then that for my modem to even connect to the net.
dunno if you're UK, but i remember the good old AO-HELL! days, i mean, AOL!

i remember AOL alright.
when i first went on the net in 1992 there really was not much to see.
done that on a amiga with a 9200 modem that took half a hour to connect and half a hour to display a page.

i remember the first pc i ever saw it was so bloody big they had to bring in to class on a trolly with wheels.
massive great big thing with a green screen.
your phone has more power these days then computers of the 80's
9200 Baud, LUXERY, mine was 2400 and it cost me AUD$340. Took 45 minutes to download a 600 (and a bit) Kb graphics file for PrintMaster.

As for computing power, the greeting cards that play a tune when you open them have more processing power than was available during World War II. Quite amazing.

My now 3 year old mobile phone has 85,000 times the storage capacity of my first 80286/12, 2048 times more RAM memory and I have no idea how much more processing power. My daughter has a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 2014 Edition that has 2 Quad Core Processors, 3GB Ram for the O/S and Apps plus 32GB (I think) of Internal storage, a 64GB MicroSD card, and another 256GB USB Flash Drive for external storage. Screen resolution is 2560 x 1600 x 16 million colours (the 286 did 256 colours at 640 x 480), has 2 cameras, 802.11n and 3G to boot. All this for one third the cost old my old high speed 286. The video drivers would have been around the 1 to 1.44Mb mark (most likely less than that) for the 1MB Trident Video card. 201MB is just plain ridiculous. I installed a desktop with Windows 7 SP1 and there was over 1,000MB of bloody updates and that DIDN'T include the Optional Updates that have the drivers or the second and third round Updates after the first couple that need to update the updates.

I know we/I have gone off topic but Dave do you remember what PC had DOS in an on-board chip so it booted real fast. From memory it was DOS 3.3 or 4.01 and it may have been an Amiga. Being an Amiga fan you may be able to confirm that. At the time it was the equivalent of Windows 7 booting in 15 seconds on an SSD. I remember installing CoralDraw 3.0 on my 286. 10 x 1.44MB Floppies and it took 2 hours 40 minutes and consumed 30MB of my 85MB HDD (Western Digital just to make you happy). Office 4.3 Standard had 27 or 28 floppies and the Pro version had 34 floppies. Got a copy sitting in my office bookcase but I preferred WordPerfect 5.1 and DrawPerfect 1.0. The both crapped all over Word and MS didn't then have a Desktop Publishing application. Might have to whip up a Virtual Machine and see if I can still install WordPerfect. The Windows version, v5.2, was very slow and clunky and Office was tweaked for WFW v3.xx. Did you know that MS had code in Windows 3.x that made Excel run faster than Lotus 123. They deliberately hobbled Lotus 123 so Excel appeared to be the "faster" and better spreadsheet app. WordPerfect, Lotus 123 and dBase III+ were the bees knees back in the day. Never did like WordStar and its almost total reliance on the CTRL key combinations to do everything.

Now if only I had a 5¼" FDD then I could get the "cheats" off one of them and be able to play Silent Service again. Think I may even have a copy of Wing Commander. We had a customer who spent $4,000 in 1993 just to get her son a computer that would play Wing Commander. Can't remember the graphic adaptor but it was a 486/33 with a massive 4MB RAM and a H U G E 15" screen!! 240MB HDD was $1,200 and a 425MB was $2,800.

If you have Windows 7 or 8/8.1, you can reclaim Windows Update space (when the files are updated the old update files are NOT removed from the C:\Windows\WinSXS folder). Click the Orb (Win7) or type cleanmgr.exeWin8/8.1, right click on cleanmgr.exe and select Update file from the options along with other files you may want to delete. I finally did mine about 7 weeks ago and freed up over 6GB of superseded Update alone. Temp folder on a laptop I did last week had over 20GB of Temp files. Cleanmgr can free up diminishing HDD space especially if like me you partition your HDD with a C and a D drive with the operating system and Apps on the C and data on the D. User Profile location gets changed to the D partition so you don't clog up the C one. it means if you have to reinstall the O/S you backup your D partition data and reinstall on the C. Then if all goes right you just have to change the User Profile location back to D and all your data is there; no need to copy it all back again though with USB 3 ports and HDDs this is no longer the 1 to 3 hour backup that it can become with a USB 2 port. I will have to try and find the screenshot of a USB3 to SSD transfer showing 700Mb/sec. I am sure it was just a burst capture but it does do sustained 400Mb/sec speeds. Oh so much better than USB 2 and imagine how long it world take on USB 1.1, 12Mb/sec.

Sorry, must be tired as I am waffling now. How many 3½" HD Floppies would it take to hold the video driver mentioned above and how long would it take to install? Two? Mmmm, yes two......too bloody long. :-))).
must have missed this one Slap
amiga had or has a kickrom chip that holds all the info needed to run a program.
so its holding all the amgia dos e.t.c.
programs then access that info to run, pretty simple but it worked
and if like me you still have and love your amiga and you put a SSD in one it can and does load its workbench in 5 seconds flat.

at the time of the amiga m/s had dos and apple had sod all yet the amiga had a working desktop that if you look at it today reminds you of the very first version of windows.

oh word perfect I still have that and it was a amgia program first before pc along with most of the now paint programs.
even simms started on the amiga first.

if only they marketed correct as it was at the time the first ever 32bit machine the world might have been a different place.
mind you Microsoft have been to court more then once for trying to rip off the amigas hardware mouse and scrolling support.
and its not just Microsoft apple are just as bloody bad as the mac o/s to this day still works the same way as the amiga workbench.

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