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So for about a year I've had a 1tb laptop hdd just sitting on my shelf. I thought I'd use for storage on my desktop computer. Well its been giving me some problems, It shows up but I can't use it. I formatted it from the Disk Management and after that it just made my whole computer super slow. Now every time my computer boots up it always scans and repairs that hdd. When its not plugged in, my computer is fine and runs normal.
I do have 2 hdds and was adding this 3rd one for some more space. I know I should have more than enough power for 1 more hdd, I have a 850W PSU from corsair.
If it is a Seagate then check for a firmware update. Some of their early 750GB and 1TB drives had issues.

If not, supply HDD make & model and motherboard make and model.
vypergt as biggles advised check for a fireware update.
also do a full format and not a quick format from windows.
a quick format just skips across the disk a full format will do every sector.
you may find it get's stuck at some point in the full format if it does then it has a bad sector or block
if you look at the top of that drive it should have the date it was made might be worth checking to
see if its still have a warrenty or not.
To check HDDs for bad sectors I choose http://www.hdtune.com/ Bloody brilliant. Shame there isn't a Low Level Format function as well though I must check v5.5 and see if they have popped that in.

Motherboard BIOS flash may also help with this as well depending on the age of the board AND the firmware.
I got it to work when i fully formatted, I just found it a bit strange but it works now. Its a Western Digital Blue hdd WD10JPVT. I hadn't used it since I got the laptop so its only a year old. I did use HDtune the other night and it showed in C5 that there were 33 unstable sectors. After I did a full reformat, they didn't show up anymore?
i would not put anything important on that drive.
those WD blue are not the best they have ever made.
tick tick drives thats what i call Western Digital as they tend to do that before they fail.
just remember to run chkdsk on it every now and then as it will help map out bad sectors.
formatting on a pc is not like my old amiga it just tells the track number its blank but the truth is the data is still
the amgia on the other hand formats track by track and nothing can be got back the problem with that is
your talking days if not weeks to fully format a 250 gig hard drive.

don't be over suprised if those errors come back to bite you, they are just getting old ( like the rest of us )
if possible partition the drive and don't use the section with the bad sectors in it, i have done that for a few people in the past.
WD Blue are low performance rubbish. Hell the WD Greens out perform them.

Make sure SMART drive is enabled in the BIOS and run HD Tune frequently!!
I must agree, although I don't like neither blue or green drives.

How long do full scans take btw? I left it on over night and its still going. So far its been 19hrs and its gone through 600GB. Not sure if its supposed to be going that slow.
a full scan can take days if it finds a error because its moving the data from the bad sector over to a good sector.

really sounds like that drive is past its best.
did you check with WD on how old it is ?
The drive isn't too old, it was dated at July 21 2012
it should still be covered by its warranty.
those WD blue come with a 2yr warranty on them.
have a read of this as it tell you what to do.
Since I ordered my laptop from Dell I have to return it through them. I had checked the WD site to see and it said it wasn't covered since I had bought the laptop through Dell. The hdd is from the laptop I got from Dell, just to make it clear.
then contact dell and tell them you were forced to replace the hard drive in the laptop they supplied.
also tell them that the hard drive its self carries a 2yr warranty from WD and they have advised you
to contact dell to get it replaced.

may not work but its got to worth a shot as that drive is still in warranty.
Nice share..

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