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record player stylus
bugger the stylus on my Technics SL-1210MK2 turntable just come flying out as i was playing a record ( no laughing )

i can't for the love of god remember what stylus number came shipped with this bloody thing.
it has no mods still has it normal tone arm and stylus.

i do like my old records ( why can i hear laughing ? )
CD is ok but for my hearing i much perfer a good old record as they sound so much better.

yes i am old and yes i do have a stack of 33 and 45 records from when i was kid and do enjoy playing them from time to time so would like to find a stockest where i can get that dam neddle from.

give you some idea of what this thing looks like http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Technics_SL-1200
now please keep in mind when that came out in 1972 i was a tender age of 5, but mine is from the 80's as its the SL-1210MK2
however i would still like to use it, i don't want some cheap plastic crappy thing they throw out now and call it a turntable.
oh found it on ebay of all bloody places
this is what i need.

shipped from usa ?
this had better not be a copy or a fake.

not cheap but then nor is the turntable its self.
Who's laughing. Vinyl is making a bug comeback. Company in OZ has had a 100% increase in production over the last 12 months.

I just wish I had all our old 78s. They are worth a bit of dosh now.
I still have very fond memories of my first ever music center which was the National Panasonic SG-1020L
my mum bought for me when i was 12 and i loved it to bits.

As i got older i bought the turntable i have now and plugged in to that that old national panasonic
then i bought the kenwood UD90 which i still own today.
first main stream system that came out with pro logic and cost me a £1000 even way back then.
i love my music i always have but i do take great care of my audio devices.
my kenwood sufferes from overheating problems that was their main problem.
perfect sound range but poor cooling.
its not a big big problem its just when you play it flat out like i tend to do at times it gets very very hot and blows out its main amp.
just replace the old tranny with a new one and its back to its old self again.

the UD90 and the M94 which i would love to get my paws on have both been classed as some of the best systems kenwood ever made.

these days everything is bass heavy IC based plastic that don't last very long.
thats ok if you want to hear just bass but i like to hear a full range of music and todays stuff is complete rubbish
and don't even get me started on what a ipod sounds like, bloody crappy sounding things.
Apple need a good smack for coming up with that mid tone amp.

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