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driver remover
guru3d have just come out with a nice little bit of software which i have been playing with all day.

if you ever get a driver that does not fully uninstall this little program will remove the left overs works with nvidia , ati , realtek , creative.

i have tested this problem by messing up my drivers on a test machine it found and removed all the files left over, as such i will upload it to my forum with full marks and credit going to guru3d.com

please use second post in this thread
new version of this software from the guys at guru3d.com

will remove the following.

nvidia : chipset / display drivers
realtek : sound
microsoft : mouse
creative : sound
Ati : display
ageia : phys-x

the way to use this program is simple.
download the attachment
unpack and install the program
use add remove program FIRST remove the driver you wish the rid the system of.
restart the computer / laptop in safe mode ( push F8 ) just after bios screen
now run the sweeper program to rid your windows of any left over files.

once again my thanks goes to 3D.com for coming up with this little tool.

You do get to sniff out the good stuf Dave. Yet another why this site sould never be closed.
[quote= Yet another why this site sould never be closed.

I may not have a choice the way things are going, if lonex get there way they will do it for me.
i have phoned them three times today and told them to get on with the transfer to hostmonstor.
its in place they just don't want to move it always " don't have the admin staff "

makes no sense to me , they don't want my site , they can't host a site this size, i don't want to stay with them and want a transfer out.

simple really get on with the transfer request that's been in place for weeks.

i think they are trying to hold on to the site till the package runs out in jan next year but i am not willing to risk our work waiting, i want out and will be a pain in their backside till it gets done, i don't even want a refunde of the part package i just want the site moved full stop.
they can keep the 5 months money i just don't care.
they can't really stop me moving as i bought the davesdrivers name till 2014 so they can't even hold that over my head, its my domain name not theirs.
I do have a backup domain name as well but that means changing the site name and i really don't want to do that.
davesdrivers is now known on the net so why should i have to stop that and change name.
if and when i get the go ahead i will shut the site down and do a temp home page till its finished.
i must fully shut the forum so i can back up line by line, really don't want to loose anything.
Contact hostmonstor and see if they can help by putting some pressure on Lonex. Also ask hostmonstor if they can restore your present MySQL database (backedup of course) without you having to rebuild or loses any data. I am sure they should be able to assist.
nice software.thanks guys
yes but remember do it in safe mode only.
that way it can clear the nvidia or realtek drivers from your system.

if you do it with windows fully load its not possible for it to clear the system 32 files as windows is using them.
guru have a nice new version of this software.

again its a good safe way to remove left over or dam driver files from your pc or laptop.

new version is 2.0.5

tested on my nvidia drivers and it cleared the lot.


to get the best out this program please start your windows in safe mode
press F8 just after bios start up.
this version supports windows 7

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