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ATI Radeon HD 2400 Pro
Hey Davey,

I need a driver update or something for my video card. I'm not exactly sure what is goin' on, but I know in some spots the words are blurred! Help...Please????? Eek
windows 7 64bit right ?

if that is the case you can get the most up to date driver from here.

http://support.amd.com/en-us/download/desktop/legacy?product=legacy2&os=Windows 7 - 64

now remember windows 7 has a clear type wizard that helps improve text reading
this link will want to auto load the direct link and I would say have a read of the page its self as it shows you
what to do.
Yeah I have done the clear type wizard several times and it didn't fix it. I know that I did a windows update and since then my words will get blurry. So I am not sure what is goin' on. I'm lookin' at the drivers now and hope maybe this will fix it.
if windows update loaded a newer driver you do have the option to roll back to the older one.
how to do that is like this.
click start, in the search at the bottom type
device manager

click the little arrow next to display adapters.
right click on the ati card and select properties, then click the driver tab
you will see roll back driver listed you can click that and windows will remove the newer driver and go
back to the older one.

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