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Ritmo USB Webcam (CW-3921)
I have an old web cam which the drivers will not work on Win 7 64bit.
I am finding it impossible to locate a website which has drivers for this product for Win 7 64 bit without having to download their driver scanning solution product.
I am an older person and find it difficult to trust these products as my son found a virus inside one that I had downloaded previously.
If you could help I would greatly appreciate it as he is serving overseas and I need it so he can see me and his children when we chat.
Thank you
I will do my best to help you but some older cams do not work with windows 7 64bit.
the only real way to find out is to try and find what chipset is inside that cam.
please have a read of this post and find that cams id string, I can use that code and try and find out what chip it is and if it works with windows 7

these driver auto update programs are whats killed my site, few people understand they are a waste of time as they always charge
you for a simple driver that is normally free on the net.

another post I done that might be of use to you is this one.
if you follow that post it tells you how to try your old driver with the compatibility wizard

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