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breakin 1 and 2
dam this sad sack just sat and watched breakin 1 and 2 Nono

1984 Christ where does the years go ?
I remember when those both came out, and like every idiot I also break danced.
now if I try those move I really will break dance or should that be dance and break Grin

still love the music in those films reminds of me of flying down the motorway in my first car ( just passed my test at 17 in 84 ) when I say flying I mean 80 mph in a clapped out old 1973 Vauxhall viva 1256cc my foot to the floor praying it was not going to breakdown on me, strange thing is that car never did.
poor old thing was more body filler then metal and I should know as I put most of it in lol

still think the first film is the better of the 2 I just watch the second one because I like the music.

think I know what biggles would like from those films and that would be Kelly Clap
dirty old man Eek

84-2014 I have been driving for 30yrs now.
I was lucky no one taught me how to drive it was just one of those things I could do.
mind you in 84 everything seemed so easy for me.
30yrs later and getting out of bed takes effort lol.
HA! only 30 years! Been driving since I was 5 years old. One of the benefits of growing up on a farm I suppose so I have 23 years driving on you. Muhahahaha.

Don't remember the movies but I did really like my Triumph Heralds. Had 4 of them and a Humber 80.
those old Triumph Heralds are worth a lot of money these days.
in fact most of the 60's and 70's cars are worth a lot.

such a shame that I scrapped the old Volvo 164TE automatic, there are none of that car left anymore.
a few 164 carb models are around but the TE version was one of the first injection cars on the market.
if I had kept that locked away for all these years that would be worth its weight in gold.

I love my old cars as they all looked so different, these days bubbles I don't really like.
I hate BMW always have but for some strange reason I use to like the first 325i square body one they did.

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