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Printer Driver for UDO400
Looking for a Windows 7 driver for a UDO 400LP Label/Sign printer. The closest I have come are the drivers listed here:

I only list this link so it is not reported as a solution. These are expensive little buggers at about 2K a pop so just getting a new one is not an option. Also, because I am at work (Computer Support), only Windows 7 is available.

OS is Windows 7 SP1
(HW is irrelevant as we have attempted on different setups)
Printer ID from Registry is VID_1664/PID_023B

Thank You,
Which version of Windows 7? I ask because if you have Professional, Enterprise or Ultimate you can run XPMode on it and run the printer through the XP drivers under the XP install.
i can not access that driver without a username and password.
i wanted to see what o/s that driver was made for.
on the lable of that machine it should list a company or a address of teh people that made it.
the only people i can find selling that that model is nmc i just need to double check to see if they make it
or if its made for them.
We have Windows 7 Enterprise.
I did try running the installer in different Compatibility Modes w/o success, but I don't believe that is what you are talking about. I was told that installing XP Mode is not allowed. Systems are locked down pretty hard here.

Thank You,

Yes, I had to call support to get in. I do not believe it is a bis secret however. But just in case, how can I send it to you privately?
how large is the file ?
might be possible to email it to me if its not too large.
the contact us on the bottom of the forum is my home email address.

i would post my email but you know what spam bots are like.
if its too large to email i will give you a username and password to upload it
by ftp to my file site
I will have to wait until I am home...It will be simpler. I can get the file there and send it to you. It would never get through our email scans and FTP is blocked for all but a few sites.

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