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My story
My name is Sasha. ( your email and username say your anthony )
I 'm writing this letter at the request of my friends( davey6 ) ( not a chance )
I am 23 years ( your date of birth in your profile say's 6/8/1978 that makes you 36 dick head )
I work during the day and in the evening at home. Times on dating is not enough.
All the guys I know are not more than friends . I really cared about how to find a male sex .
I 'm doing a career and I do not want the relationship .( then stop moaning about not getting male sex )
On the advice of my friend , I visited this site SITE REMOVED BY DAVEY6
And found what I was looking for
Yes, I'm ashamed of what I did, but it really helped me with sex ( so would a rampant rabbit )
If it will help someone , I'll be glad .
Sincerely Sasha.
do you really think i would ask a spammer to write a letter ?
are you out of your crazy little mind ?
what will you people think of next in order to post crap

if you have problems with sex go and buy something made of rubber
and use that and give us all a break.
this was not what expected and it made me laugh so hard my sides hurt.
glad to see you have not lost your sense of humor over the years.
when i loose my sense of humor its time to die.
i am always smiling thats why i have so many wrinkles on my face lol
i do have one hell of a temper on me so it might be that which is causing the lines on my face
or its the fact i am a old man.
take your pick its one or all over the above lol
I must say that was pretty hilarious. Although I'm sure its pretty annoying seeing spam posts instead of something that can be useful.
the funny thing is you get kind of use to it after a while.
i have plugins working on the site to stop 90% of spam but even so
some still get past the filters.
if i shut those plugins off the site fills with spam in less then half a hour.
the internet these days is awash with spam bots all fighting to post crap
i have even contacted some of the companies these people post and ask
them why are you paying these people.
you never get a answer from them.

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