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Processor Problem Foxnconn G31MX
So - Here i am again, stuck and not getting any the wiser lol, trying to help someone with their older computer, they have a problem, They currently have ;

Intel® Celeron® CPU E1200 @ 1.60GHz

and are trying to replace it with

Intel® Pentium® D Processor 940 (4M Cache, 3.20 GHz, 800 MHz FSB) SL95W

After having a quick look on HERE it says it supports dual-core processors. I've given them the micro code cpu bios updated and they have updated sucessfully.

PROBLEM - When they replace "new" with old, it starts - burns up - turns off.

Any suggestions, would be brilliant! - Just to add, they bought this off eBay and is wondering if the processor ir kerplunked!
Unfortunately, Davey is seriously ill at the moment and we do not have a return date for him yet.
I will try and help you as much as i can.

I have been round Davey enough to tell you what i think he would say.
If the Pentuim D is swicthhing the system on and you get to see the bios screen before it shuts down again it may be a simple case of not enough cooling.
The Celeron range of CPU was a low watt low power range offered by Intel.
The Pentiun D was the top of the range at that time but it had heat problems.
I remember Davey telling me about the much needed cooling, If you have used the cpu cooler off the Celeron and put it on the on the Pentium D it might not be good enough to cool the bigger cpu, Did they replace the heat past ?
Another thing to check would be the auto set up in bios in case it has got it wrong.
If the voltage and FSB are incorrect it will be the same as overclocking the cpu and this will case very fast heat up.
I am no expert on bios but check the stats at intel and make sure your bios does read the same

Davey use to say the best of the Pentium D range was the 945 or if you can still get one the 950
they had better stepping and better heat control then the 940.

Hope that helps.
Thanks for this just hitting the hay, will try this out tomorrow. thanks a lot xx

Hope davey is back asap =)
Hi wayne88! Penkaye here.. I just like to ask something. I know it's a stupid question but this is relevant. in some cases, this question is important. And here's my question. When they replaced the CPU, did they use a thermal paste on it? is it properly and evenly locked? how about the system fan? is it working? Because, As i can see, both CPU are covered by that MOBO. from celeron upto quadcore in fact. So it's a matter of how they assemble the CPU on MOBO.

Now, going back to that stupid question, sometimes I usually have a call stating their wireless mouse and or wireless keyboard is not working. When i said, have they tried changing battery. After they changed the battery, they will said, sorry for disturbing you. we should check this 1st before calling for technical support. Same goes here, before we proceed to troubleshoot the problem, we need some basic questions.

I assumed that when you said, it start, burns up then it turns off. For me, the system turns on in a couple of secs or just a few mins then it turns off. For me, there's no reason for the CPU to burn that fast in just a couple of secs/mins.
Hello - Yeah, i properly seated the CPU i went round and did it for them, im really at a loss here of what to do. I understand is supports the multicore processors and its not as if its a major change, I have also added heat sink and seated the processor correctly, when it turns off, i take out the CPU and it is, extremely hot. The fan also works, I am super confused, just wondering that maybe the cpu was already burnt out when they got it off the internet?

is there anything else? I am having a look at setting the bois myself for cpu voltage, etc, just looks all super confusing and dont know what to change but im sure with a bit of help from you guys, and youtube i should be able to work it out. is there a way to see if the cpu is/war already broken?


Wayne x
Is the cpu cooler extremely hot when you remove it ?
If its cooler then the cpu then you have a air gap or not enough paste on the cpu.
I have spoken to Davey tonight and he said that the pentium D range needs a copper core
heat sink, A normal alloy one is not good enough for that CPU.
I will take Davey his laptop over the weekend and he should be able to tell you about setting
the bios as its something i don't understand.
brilliant! that would be fantastic, i got it on earlier for a breif moment, only until the pocessor had burnt out again. if theres a way of setting the bios so it will work that would be magic!

Thanks for your time, are copper heat sinks much to buy?

**Goes on ebay**
No i don't think so, a Intel branded one is cheap.
Something like this should work.

If that is too much i am sure Davey can find you something cheaper.
I'm in the UK - So i would have to look a little more into it, can i ask whats the difference between copper and alloy ?? i know its a different type of metla, just wondering why copper is much better for that speed of processor, i am really confused, just looking to learn a little into computing and building, I am pretty knowledgeable on software just not so much hardware, only the basics if you like... sockets of motherboards, ddr ram etc...

will google myself too just if its easier for someone to put it in my terms its much better than all the techy language! lol
Copper conducts heat better and faster then alloy.
If your in the uk thats where me and Davey come from but we emigrated
years ago.

This cooler is cheap and you can see the copper core.
after much deliberation and looking i thought i would try one last time....

after having a closer inspection i noticed that one of the clips on the fan to tighten it to the motherboard wasnt correctly level.

So low and behold, went out, bought a new lga775 fan, new clips, all works fine. took the heatsink into the shop with me and they also told me the center of the heatsink was copper and there was no need for an upgrade of heatsink for only a dual core.

Thanks for your help but I shoulda checked all components properly knowing the family i did it for don't look after things as it is.

you just cant help some people eh!

Thanks for your time and give Davey my best. Ill try and come back here and help people out where i can as well =)

Wazza x

Just checked your link, this is the exact same cooling system they have at the minute, with an extended fan!

Lol, anyway, catch you laters and thanks again for your time
Wayne, you didn't answer the question about putting the Thermal Paste on. You just say you seated it properly. What exactly does that mean? Also, it starts - burns up - turns off, what does burns up mean?

Each time you "take out the CPU" what does that mean? If you remove the CPU from the heatsink you need to replace the Thermal Paste with a new piece after making sure you clean the base of the heatsink and the CPU of all the old paste. I prefer to use Artic Silver instead of Thermal Paste. It can reduce CPU temps by up to 10°C but it isn't cheap.
you can buy new clips and just replace them on the 775 heatsinks ( intel fitting only )
i would go for something like a pro 7 on a pentium d as they screw down and are a much better fit.

ola was right when he said there was a air gap because with a loose clip thats what you had.
it only takes a fraction of a gap and no heat is tranfered to the heatsink.

what the cpu was doing was protecting it self and that is very normal for intel.
once a pentium D hiits 90oC they shut down to stop them selfs from being burnt out.

as biggles listed artic sliver is the best heat paste you can get and i use it all the time.
the newer mx-2 is good stuff as it cures alot faster and its not so messy as the older ones.

you should look at this as something to learn from, when a cpu shuts down when its too hot you have a problem
normally its not enough paste or too much paste and as you just found out a poorly fitted heatsink will cause you alot of problems.
always check the 775 and the way to do that is too look on the underside of the motherboard, you will see all 4 clips pushed in to the motherboard and the white inner clip will push out the outer black parts holding it down to the motherboard, if any clip is not fully in the board its very clear from the underside.
Artic Silver, the genuine stuff, is 98% silver and all you need is a piece the size of a grain of rice. Unfortunately they don't say if it is a piece of short grain or long grain. :-) Leave CPU running for 72 hours to allow for best "cure" and allow for the Artic Silver to spread out and fill all the nooks and crannies. I did read about some guy who had access to some pretty smick engineering gear and he actually planed the heat sink and the top of the processor (eek) down to less than a micron gap between the two pieces.

If you use Artic Silver then on a Desktop case leave it so the motherboard and CPU are horizontal to the ground. If you have a tower case then lay it on its side for the 72 hours or gravity may hinder the even spread upwards of the Silver if the motherboard and CPU are in the vertical position. 72 hours is for the optimum spread of the Silver but 24 also works ok. If you remove the processor from the heat sink make sure you remove ALL trace of the previous Silver or the Intel supplied Thermal Paste from both surfaces. Isopropyl alcohol is really good for this as is sort of softens both thermal mediums and makes them easy to remove and leaves you will a nice clean couple of surfaces to apply your thermal medium of choice when you put them back together again. A solid piece of Thermal Paste may leave a small lump in between the 2 surfaces and will reduce the heat conductivity from the processor to the heat sink and may result in higher CPU temps and a degraded performance.

There should be Youtube videos showing how to correctly apply the variety of thermal paste products available but for best cooling, refrigerated water systems are the best (but not for a laptop ;-))))
Wayne88 the simple thing is we all have to start somewhere and we all make mistakes
i have no problem in teaching people that are willing to learn so if you have any questions then please ask
myself and biggles have been around for a very long time and we have seen just about everything over the years
so if there is somethine we say or you come across something you don't understand then please just ask us and we will break it down in such a way that helps you understand things.

even olatunde as silly as he is can help you as i have been teaching him for years and years.

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