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xp close down
I have had 15 emails today asking about windows xp and the now lack of support by microsoft.

As it stands today no new update will be released by microsoft for windows xp and they have also now shut down Microsoft security essentials for windows xp.

Please note this is not a problem.
most anti-virus companies are still supporting windows xp.
zonealarm free version. avg to name two.

To remain safe on the internet follow this simple guide.

do not use internet explorer 8 download and use any other browser which will continue to support xp, opera, firefox, chrome are all willing to support xp.

keep your anti-virus up to date

download and run a spyware program at least once a week
malwarebyte free is one of the best.

doing the above will allow you extra time on windows xp.

microsoft are bullies that like to have their hands in your wallets as much as possible, if your old machine is working on xp and your happy with it then there is no need to go out and buy a new machine with crappy windows 8.1

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