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ATI Radeon HD 2400 XT
So I cannot find the driver for this graphics card. I have gone to AMD website and cannot get the graphics card driver to install....please help!!!!! Comp1
this is the dell version of the amd driver and it will work with your system.
Ok, got the first one installed. For some reason when I go to the Manager thing from when I right click on the desktop it says it has stopped working...the second one said it was compatible with my version of windows...which doesn't make sense as I have Windows 7 Home Premium 32 - bit. Now...when I click on the display, should it show the dell monitor, or my graphics card??
what the hell ??
my site is not transmitting ads like that on the bottom of your screen about your speed.
i am pretty sure you have picked up yet more spyware dom.
run malware bytes as soon as possible to clear your system.

for info right click on computer, click device manager in the left hand list, look down the list for display, click the + next to it and it should display what video card you have in the system.

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