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Foxconn 590 SLI
Hi Guys,

What chip would you recommend for the Foxconn 590 sli?

Picked a board up cheap today with no chip
the Athlon 64 fx range was the best that fits the am2 socket
i think speeds went up to 3.2 gig but they do have heat worries and they take up to 140watts

ste being in the uk yourself how fast is the site loading ?
reason i ask is because the site is now coming from one of my own machines in the uk
i dumpped my host a while back now
It's loading no problem!

Will this fit?

Actually i have just found this chip in my spares 0 AMD Athlon 64 x 2 will that fit?
as long as i am looking at the right motherboard the AM2 socket is 940 pins

is this the motherboard you picked up ?
Yes correct board
ok no point spending a great deal of money till you know the board works.
as a test i would pick up something cheap first such as this.
The chip fits in just put it in. I need some ram and a heatsink. i have some pc3200 laying around is that ddr2? I also got a asus geforce 8800 gts. is that any good?
no thats ddr1 rated at 400
Will this ram fit dave?

yes that will fit
Great, How are you? was reading a recent post Ola said you wasn't very well?
hum its something i can't put on to a open board but no i have not been too well and my recovery is going to be slow and painful
Hi Dave, just been looking at this board and i am confused with the power connections, i have the 24pin connector but instead of a 4pin plug on the board its a 6pin? also there is a molex connector built into the board? how do i go about connecting the psu?
you sure thats a 6 pin and not 8 ?
in most cases you can use a older psu with these motherboards the extra pins on the cpu power socket are to provide more lanes and a more stable voltage to the cpu.

the molex connector was used on some older boards to provide extra power for the pci express video cards it never really did take off because newer cards now plug in to the psu direct.

might be a idea for you to download the manual and have a read of that ste as it should tell you if you can use a older 4pin psu on that board.

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