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HP - iMedia 2522 UK - (Assuming PTU59).
After buying this desktop computer, i was wanting to downgrade it to XP - but going to the HP website, I only found these;


Then input the desktop model...

But only says drivers for Windows 7, Will these drivers work for Windows XP 32bit? if not I will reinstall Win7.

Thanks x
i don't think thats a hp machine i think its a packard bell.

the only way to be sure would be to email me the serial number off the back of the machine.
click contact us on the bottom of the forum for my email address.

to be honest now xp support has been shut down you would be better off with windows 7 but only if that machine has 2 gig or above memory or it will run like a dog.
Hiya mate, sorry i have been away for 10 days just got back. Yeah only has 2 gig ram, but everytime shes installing windows 7, shes getting an error

Graphics Driver Media Accelerator stopped responding and has successfully recovered

and when i go to the website to download the driver it tells me this system doesnt meet the requirements and won't let me install the factory based driver?? im confused, unless there is a different version out there cause the computer is on 64bit. so im looking for a x86 right?

now after using iObit Driver Booster Pro - It's telling me that all drivers are perfect? im confused. So maybe downgrading may work?

Or is it worth just buying another graphics card?

Cheers mate.

Just tried to update the driver through device manager and browsing the computer but I am now getting this..

The best driver software for your device is already installed.
Intel® G41 Express Chipset (Microsoft Corporation - WDDM 1.1)

Now I'm starting to think this could be hardware problems.
the G41 is a intel chipset based GFX and windows 7 64bit might be loading its own driver over the intel one.
the last one intel done for that chipset can be found here.

I would also advise you load up the INF file just in case windows is not reading that video card as pci express.

I would also bring direct x up to date as the drivers will need that.

don't worry about slow posting as I am not always around at the moment.
last week I was stuck in hospital yet again.
Hey mate, thanks for your input, did what you've said and it kinda worked a little? still keeps happening, would you suggest another PCI Graphisc card, or alternativley, would XP SP3 work - Simply because she does have a copy of this and would much rather have it as she knows how it works, she still gets confused on Win7, lol - She being my mother, elderly lol.

Cheers =) again, sorry for delayed in posts
if that pc has a pci express slot then yes a stand lone gfx card would be much better then the onboard intel rubbish.
if its for your mother I doubt she will sit and play top of the range games so a cheap NVidia card would do the job.

that chipset is supported under xp but remember if you do go back to xp to load up a third party firewall and anti-virus
zone alarm do a free package for xp.
it does slow the pc down a little but its worth it to stay safe online.

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