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Dell Alienware USB port
Bought this Alienware laptop in November of last year before heading over here to the sandbox.

Love the computer but about 2 months ago 1 of the 4 USB ports stopped recognizing anything that's plugged into it.

It does absolutely nothing when any of the USB devices I own are plugged into it.

I have no idea which port is 2.0 vs 3.0 but hopefully there's a simple fix to the issue.
Have you checked the Device Manager to see if the device is disabled or malfunctioning?
Also check the Event Viewer for errors.
The USB 3 port(s) is/are often coloured blue. If you download the manual for your laptop model it will also show you which port is which.

The fault is either hardware or software. Reinstall the operating system will rule out or fix a software fault. Hardware is a warranty job unfortunately.

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