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Windows Vista Drivers
I need Windows Vista X86 Conexant Audio driver and Synaptics touchpad driver, Ati driver I know where to get :)
I am running Amd athlon and an Ati Card on Windows xp atm.
I am getting a external disk with 120 gb so i install Windows Vista there.
I like to play araound with systems :)
The number is hp compaq presario r4225ca
They just don't have the driver on hp for that numbe
The laptop is compatible with Windows Vista :)

I reply toomarow :)
I take that you need these drivers for a laptop ?
if so what is its make and model number ?
sup davey6
Didn't you see I updated the topic on top?
no sorry i did not see you edited the post as the board only shows me new post when i log in.

anyway , this laptop at hp has the same hardware as yours
sound / touchpad are the same.
try the vista drivers listed here.
Thank you davey6
Once I get Windows Vista installed I try em :)
Im gonna get it like 29,30 of August. :)
Thank You So much :)
The driver didn't work
I only need the conexant audio r4000 driver.
Please tell me how to get it?
That is my laptops driver R4225ca, you can go to r4000 supportanddriver downloads in http://hp.ca and see
Im currently on Windows Vista Ultimate 64bit :) English Version
I have installed the display driver and it works amazingly fast :)
Experience is 2.5 but that doesn't really matter :)
well if that laptop model number is correct R4225ca then your going to have problems your sound is listed at hp as the Conexant CX20468-31 AC97 Audio
now after checking that up it seems to be a well known problem that this sound card does not work under vista 64 bit.
its even listed at microsoft tech as does not work,
looking over hp / compaq i can only find xp 32 bit drivers.
Hey Dave How are you today?
I got it to work :)
Im runnign beta driver in testmode from planetamd :)
be careful with that driver its a beta, as such may not have all the bits needed and may fail to work in some games or software.
but with that said i haev run dozens of beta drivers / o/s over the years and only ever run in to a few very small problems.

check for me what version of driver windows is listing and who made the driver.
to do that go in to device manager, call up your main sound card, right click on it and scroll down to propertires , then click the driver tab.
let me know what it list's there please.
Sup I found the driver name :)
Its Ati Intergrated Digital Audio :)
well thats not the correct driver for your sound , i did see that one in searches and some people find it works and others find it don't
your one of the lucky ones it works for , stick with it till something else better comes along, at least you have sound for now.

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