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Another build
Hey davey its been a while, the last time I tried coming here the website didnt exist? Anyways its good to see it back!

Well since my computer recently died, I've been searching for a good upgrade to my old build. So far, I've decided I will be going with the 4690k, I think that should be enough for what I do. Any thought on this cpu?
well i have the 4670K myself but the 4690k is the newer die.
as this is a new build i would go for the z97 chipset because that's what i did and you do get the m.2 ssd support with z97 as well as sli and crossfire support.

if your budget allows look at the 1150 i7 range as well because you do get the HT with i7 where its disabled in the i5
the only thing you have to watch with the haswell cores is their memory support they are bloody fussy things with memory so when your looking at ddr3 make sure you don't get a high voltage sim, a 1.5v xmp sim will work better.
i ran in to trouble with the memory myself as i wanted to use the 16gig i already had but it was unstable as hell and in the end i went out and bought brand new G.Skill xmp approved memory everything is now stable.

yeah i took the site down but got so many people email me and say they miss it that i renewed the domain name and started it back up.
but it does have a heap of problems i need to work on
I was looking at the 4790k but its also $100 more, I could get it but then I'd have to drop out on an aftermarket cooler for now.

I was planning on getting something like the Phanteks PH-TC14PE_BK aftermarket cooling for the i5 which is about $80.

As for memory I was looking at just getting a 8gb dual kit of
HyperX Fury model: HX316C10FBK2/8

MB, i'm kind of trying to decide on a good mobo but not something thats extremely high in price because I wont use every feature some of them include lol

MSI Z97-Gaming 5

just a few that I been looking at that I may consider.
I'm trying to keep my price range under $580

I have everything else which seems to be working, also have a brand new PSU just incase, but I know the current one still works.

My current dead comp, just keeps looping on and off never posting. I tried pretty much everything to get it to post and nothing. I minimized hardware installed and just kept doing the same thing. I just powered it down one night just to find that it would never post again after.
the intel cooler is not as bad as you might think, its the heat paste it comes with that is shit so save on that for now and spend on something else.

asrock make good boards these days and they are cheaper then asus , gigabyte, msi so keep that in mind when looking at your motherboard options.
the reviews I was reading at the time had asrock as the fastest z97 boards so they have come along way over the years.
as much as I like gigabyte they are now over priced on their boards and the fact they now own asus make's them price the two brands at the same level.

msi are ok their hardware is reasonable but they have always suffered from crappy bios and are mega slow at doing bios updates.
the fact you want to play games would push me towards the i7 over the i5 so save on cooler, motherboard and increase cpu
the g.skill ripjaws are faster and cheaper then that Kingston so again you could save some money on a 8gb g.skill kit
Alright, I'll stick with the stock cooler in the mean time and go with the i7.
That way I won't have to worry bout switching cpu's later which I had planned to do haha.

Oh, I hadnt really read up on Asrock ever since I build my last comp. I did see a few boards but their prices seemed too good to be true.



These are two I would probably go with but, the second one has some rly bad reviews that kind of makes me question if I really should take the chance haha.
That or its just a coincidence?
I really did like the 2nd one because it has a debug led and power onboard button which is just a luxury, of course they arent needed since you can still power it on without those.

Do you recommend any in particular?

Alright I have switched to RipJaws X 8gb kit

I'm hoping to order these parts tomorrow so ill be finalizing everything probably by tonight :D
for me it would be the ASRock Fatal1ty Z97 Killer for the simple reason it came out first and all the buggy bios has been dealt with.
its also a cracking board for overclocking and won a lot of awards.

built on power buttons are only really needed for testing, its not like you will use them once the pc is built.
they are just for show and add price to the board.
the only one that is of use is a clear cmos button.
beats me why they are not fitted to all motherboards as standard.
jumping two pins is old school

asrock have a good name for returns as well and that does count a lot these days.
oh by the way I know chris will just hate this review but stay well away from Seagate hard drives and this is the reason why
Alright the Fatal1ty it is! That makes alot of sense, thanks for the advice.

Most certainly will stay away, I can say I've never purchased any seagate harddrives, i've mostly just bought WD blk mechanical drives.
As for SSDs, Ive purchased from intel, corsair, and ocz, all seem to be holding up well over the years.

but yeah that link alone encourages me to stay away even more haha

Also have you tried the m.2 as a boot drive yet? do you think its worth it?
I'll be running a corsair gt rated at 500mb/s in this build, i've had it for a while. would there be any noticeable speed if i used m.2 as the primary drive or not really?
in a word yes I have a corsair m500 m.2 drive as my boot drive and It loads windows 7 in 7 seconds flat.
the downside to using m.2 is the fact on some motherboards not all but on some if you have a m.2 card plugged in you loose two of your sata 3 ports as they are being used to run that m.2

ssd I have used Kingston hyper x, Samsung, ocz and corsair.
my ozc one did break down but I had no problem getting them to replace it and the new one is just fine.

ocz had a problem at one point and its because they were pushing things too far so a lot of their early drives are crappy but the newer ones with the Toshiba controller and nad are much better.
Toshiba now own ozc but they trade under different names.
Wow thats pretty quick, I'm not sure if I will use it yet. Do you think its worth the extra money?
to be honest no I don't feel its worth that extra money because all they have done is double the bandwidth of the slot but the drive its self is still only sata 3 and no SSD yet can access the full bandwidth of m.2
m.2 is using the newer nvm express interface so todays drives can run at their full speed but in time newer drives will come out that work to that spec and they will be faster then sata 3
to understand what nvm express is have a quick read of this.
intel done this before on t he 6 series motherboard they put a mico ssd slot on the motherboard but dropped it now they are trying again
but the good thing is they now have a standard to work to so it should given enough time replace sata3 as the boot device

mind you if you think that is fast you want to see how fast windows xp loads.
but as there is no windows xp support for the z97 drivers are mix and match and in my case home made for some of the chipset.
I still need xp for so many things and I really can't do without it
Alright so I put it together and I used the UEFI, never used it but thought I'd try it out. The first thing I did notice was that the 1st boot option is named Windows Boot Manager and the 2nd option is my ssd. Is this normal? I mean my computer boots up to windows right away but, if I set my ssd as the 1st boot device it will give me a msg saying to reboot and select a bootable drive or something along those lines. At first I thought I might have screwed up installing windows but I did reinstall it to make sure and it still comes up.
ok the uefi bios is nothing like the old bios, I don't use that windows boot manager at all because its built for windows 8
and I think its a pile of crap, I much prefer to make my own boot menus.
it took even me a while to work that one out because I always have more then just one o/s and it refused point blank to give me that start up option I am so use to.
the problem the uefi windows boot manager, you can disable it and select your ssd as first boot device but you will have to use your windows install disk again and " repair " your install as that will put the correct mbr on the hard drive and clear that problem.

the way I have my boot list is cdrom first, then all my hard drives in order, no windows boot manager.
you should also see as its listed in mine the windows 8 support, go to that and tell it legacy o/s don't let it auto select as it screws up with windows 7

I am not a fan of this new 3D bios but that may well be down to my age I much prefer the older bios as I feel you had more control
Oh I see thanks, I'm just not familiar with the it.
Also do you know the max RPM for the stock intel fan? I only seen mine hit 2000RPMs and then it just stops.
Only reason I ask is because I was running a cpu stress test and temps reached 80C in like 2mins and I noticed the fan wont go any faster. I thought they were a little faster than that.
My old i7 never got above 65C under heavy load, but then again that thing had a huge copper heatsink on it.

Alright so I did another stress test but with AIDA64 and the temps are around 68-72C
The ones that made the cpu skyrocket in temps was prime95, dunno why that is.

The Idle temps for it seem normal though and better than I had expected from just a stock cooler, it usually hovers around 31-35C on idle. at 4.4ghz
that stock cooler should go above 2000 rpm what I think is going on is the bios fan controller is set to quite mode
and what that does is slow the fan down to its min possible without overheating the cpu.
you should be able to find that fans power control in the bios.

a stress test depends on who made it for the simple reason some don't see or use all the cores of the i7 some do see them all but then don't see the HT side of the chip and others see the whole chip for what it is and stress test the whole lot.
I always use burnin stress test to check a new system because it will load any cpu to 100%.

did you remember to ditch the crappy intel heatpaste ?, the copper core of those coolers works better with a after market paste applied, also consider your old cpu cooler most come with brackets that allow it to be fitted to more then one board.
if you still have them check its product fitting with whoever made it as it may well fit the socket 1150.
Well thats what I thought at first but I did check the bios and set it to full speed and it did cap at 2000RPMs.
Ill try out that passmark stress test.

I do have my old heatsink, but the fan on it has gotten a little noisy over the years, if i could replace it without worrying bout it I would. The only problem is that the fan on it isn't the traditional kind of fan. Its Zalman heatsink
I didn't actually remove the stock thermal paste. I might do that this weekend, I bought some thermal paste as well.
that's a shame on that heatsink but heres a tip for you.
take the fan out and look at the base f it, you should find a sticker.
under that sticker should be a rubber stopper, remove that stopper and you should see a plastic C clip.
if you remove that clip the fan should come away from the body and allow you to oil all the bearings.
put it all back together and I bet you its quite.

I have done that a few times over the years because I needed to on the these silly small dell fans.
the dust out here really does knock the hell of out of those fans.

you could get a bypass psu to cpu fan wire and give it a direct feed and see what happens but I would change that heat paste.

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