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intel 320 ssd
ok I have one of these drives here that needs a firmware update.
current firmware listed by HD tune is 4PC1LE04
a search proves this is the buggy 8meg firmware, ok support says the new firmware is 4PC10362
 intel list a toolbox to update this drive and the new firmware to 4PC10362.

ok so to the problem in hand, the toolbox refuses to update the drive, check for update link takes you to download the same bloody toolbox I am using.

download the iso bootable cdrom, start pc on this so called new disk version 2.0.13 this is meant to have the new firmware.
boot pc on this disk to be greeted with a nice notice that states your current firmware is up to date Thinking
 how can it be up to date when you bloody website list a new one.
angry email sent to intel, 12hrs later no reply

I can not find a link in intels site that lets me download this dam update firmware and its getting up my nose because this drive is sitting here with a 8meg bug and I need to get it flashed a.s.a.p

the thing I don't understand is why make you download a toolbox that don't work or make you download and burn a iso that also don't contain the new firmware.
intel need a good kick in the butt for this because of all the drives I have updated over the years this is proving to be impossible.

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