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vista safe or not ?
ATI driver package opens Vista to flaw.

if this can happen vista is no dam better then xp.

Damn Hackers are getting good lol good thing I dont have vista.
I have vista , don't use it mind you lol , i keep it in case someone ask's a question on it,
i hated it at beta stage i hate it now.
so much for bill gates boasting , don't think that guy and microsoft will ever learn that lesson someone somewhere will always crack windows just to prove it can be done.
yeah I know what you mean about cracking windows besides glass cracks to aesy anyway lol.
BUt you ought to go light on Bill Gates after all the only reason he released Vista as soon as he did was because he needs money :loll::loll::loll::loll:Grin
yes poor old bill must be down to his last billion or two , vista reminds me of windows more errors , rushed out, not finished and full of bugs.

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