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need dell drivers
I have a Dell Dimension L933r and when the original Hard drive went out I replaced it and installed Windows 98 se but I do not have any of the Motherboard drivers or the video drivers . I also have had no luck searching for them.
If anyone could help me find where to download them I would appreciate it as would my kids because it will be their computer when I am done
did you check dell with your service tag number ?

this is what i found at dell just using your model number.
if you want to pin it down a little more enter your service tag number found on the side or back of the machine.
I entered the service number and am downloading them as I type
thanx again DaveyGrin
the only thing I need for it now is the display adapter as it is still stuck in 16 color
can you run everest home ed on that dell.


dell list two chipsets for it i just want to make sure i pick the correct one at intel before i point you to a driver.

when you have everest installed, and running .
click motherboard in the left hand list then click chipset in the left hand list and let me know what it says,

and just in case it has a third party card installed .
click display in the left hand list the click gpu .

let me know what everest 's reports and i will see what i can find out for you.
the mainboard is an Intel Ca810E
and the chipset is intel i810E
I used pc wizard because the Dell doesnt have winzip yet and as we know 98 doesnt have the automatic compression tool built in
ok so if your using the onboard video its the intel 810.
this is the correct driver.

I am not 100% sure but i think that driver needs direct x 8 to install, 98se came with direct 6 so please update your direct x before you try that driver.

btw that dell should be able to run windows xp as long as it has over 256 memory if your kids use the net it would be safer for them and yourself.
Davey the kids thank you :thankyou:and they will thank me when I put a network card in it sio it can be hooked to the router lol .
The reason I didnt go with Xp was because 98 was the only disk I have right now GrinGrin
chikid68 Wrote:Davey the kids thank you :thankyou:and they will thank me when I put a network card in it sio it can be hooked to the router lol .
The reason I didnt go with Xp was because 98 was the only disk I have right now GrinGrin

i have windows xp home for a dell but not that one and is that a new one like 2003 and up til now ?
Just to go off topic and hijack at the same time, I had a Dell Lattiude 600, PIII/1.2GHz with 256MB RAM and the blasted thing booted really fast. It was faster than my Centrino 1.7GHz with 768MB RAM.

I have found the Dell Dimension is also a fast booter. So far the Dell laptops I have played with have impressed with their boot speed.
I finally ended up with xp pro on that machine and it does indeed boot fairly quick and performs well
a dell windows xp home disk should install on any dell that supports xp.
problems come with the drivers as thats a oem copy of windows and will have the system drivers it came shipped with.

however , the service tag number on any dell will find you the correct drivers for your model.

dell are not so picky with where they oem disk installs not like gateway or emachines

i agree biggles the dell laptops do boot fast even the older ones.
the dell server i have however is a pig of a machine poweredge sc1420
that machine was a pain in the backside from the moment i got it to the moment i shoved it in the basement where it still sits to this day always throwing up memory config errors for no reason what so ever.
well the xp pro is up and running good luckily when I first downloaded all the motherboard drivers I had asked here where to find them and was able to find the few that werent already on the xp pro disk so it is running at full speed (well if you can call 888mhz speed) I have added it along with a router and have it networked with this 1.
I do have a new question about networking though.
What I need to know is using xp pro how do i configure a single machine as a file and print server for 4 others?
The printing isnt a big deal but I would like to use 1 for just audio and a few video files for everyone instead of just keeping copies on each machine.
if all machines are networked to say your main machine thats the one that should have the printer installed.
and possibly for file sharing the quckest way is to have a hard drive just for that and share it with your network group.

if you put a hard drive in your main machine this is what you do.
go in to my computer and right click on the drive you want to share.
click sharing in the top tabs and enbale it. up to you if you allow remote users to read only or allow them to change files.
click apply and ok.
on the other machines just click start my network places to see the shared drive and make a short cut of that drive to your desktop

with the printer you can do the same thing.
right click on its settings and allow it to be shared with your network.
on the machines that need to access that printer you have to do this.

go in to control panel , double click printers.
add new printer , tell it local network printer , then when it gets to the stage of asking for the driver you install it as normal.

i thinks thats the fastest way to do sharing for a home user with limited know how.

how ever my network freak of a friend my biggles will know other ways possibly one thats faster to set up.
I agree Biggles may know a quicker easier way however the way you just said sounds pretty much the way I had it figured.
I am planning on adding a couple other hard drives in place of the optical drives so I might be able to use the machine as a backup device as well although I will probably opt to use the e machines as the server since it has sata support for faster access to the files .
As always davey Thank you for the prompt response.
That sounds ok to me Dave. Just remember if you have different operating systems then the appropriate drivers for that printer should be installed on the "print server". An altenative method is to install the drivers on the local machine (obviously without the printer attached) and then connect/install it from the print server as a network printer. Remember to install them with the UNC path \\servername\printer-share. A common user account (and password) on each machine will facilitate pass-through autherntication.
thank you as well Biggles
Now need to thank me, Dave did all the work.
biggles77 Wrote:Now need to thank me, Dave did all the work.

while this may be true you ere still quick to reply and thats what I was thanking you for my friends:thankyou::thankyou:

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