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Vista 64bit driver USB-Ser HL-340
I just received my adapter cable from Seriel to USB port. The problem is that the driver Cd doesn?t work under ista 64bit. The installation failed. Without installing the driver the cable won?t work.

Who has an idea or a compatible driver for this?

I don't think no such driver is out yet ,
you can try the driver i have listed here but don't use the self install as its for xp.

see if you can load up that driver from device manager vista may accept it that way.

also try plugging the cable in while your online as that will search windows update along with its own database.
Withdrew earlier post on CH341SER, which appears to be for Win XP Pro and dates from 2005. If you read Chinese, see www.winchiphead.com, which is (I THINK- didn't write down company name) where my Vista desktop sent me when I tried to synch it using a new HL340 USB/serial cable.
well i may not read chinese , but i have found the driver for the ch341ser.

i just tried to install this on my laptop and its listed as a inf file so it will install the driver vista thinks it needs ,
now the problem is its listed for windows 98 to xp vista is not listed.
you can try that driver and with luck it should work.

this may help with your other post with the pda.

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