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SATA Drivers for XP Install on HP dv2550se
EliCash i'm trying to downgrade a Pavilion dv2585ep which has the same chipset that yours.

the problem is that I can't install the graphics driver. I get a error message sayng that the system does not have the requirements to make the install...

Can you help me solving this issue??

Thanks in advance...

what video gfx do you have in your laptop ?

hp list a possible two

geforce 8m or intel 965

you must load up the correct one for your laptop.
It's Nvidia NB8M-GS (G86M).

Where can I find the correct driver for this?

and that i am sorry to say is going to be your sticking point.
i checked hp and they do not list a windows xp driver for the " 8 " series go , only vista is listed.

like wise nvidia do not list a " 8 " series go forceware driver yet.

even looking at hp business end machines i could not find anything which i feel maybe of help to you.

now your only real hope would be the new nvidia auto detect , it may find you a driver you can use with that laptop.
GERACAOXXI: I found a lead for the Nvidia NB8M-GS driver on this link which might help you : http://www.versiontracker.com/dyn/moreinfo/win/109540
I have a Pavilion dv9580ez and I am in the same situation as the guy with the dv2550. Using Everest, I identified the chipset on the dv9580ez to be the Intel Crestline-PM PM965. Further to the suggestions made at the beginning of this thread, I went to the Intel site (Mobile Intel? 965 Express Chipset Family), where I found drivers for RAID SATA only (I have the drivers for the graphics). Even if I go through the Matrix Storage Manager, I land on RAID drivers.

Can I use those RAID drivers although the disks are meant to be used "ordinarily"?
Hi There! I do all by instructions. looks everything work. now i have dual boot. i have 3 partitions on my hdd.. 1st vista, 2nd xp and 3rd not used just free. so.. how can i remove vista to just leave xp? i was trying to delete vista partition, but i cant, because the says that there is drivers and something else.... how can i delete vista? i try to remove vista from vistabootpro and just stay only xp.. but after restart xp doesnt start.. then i put vista dvd and restore backup.. now i have again vista and xp again.. i remove vita from boot menu, and in booting always start xp without asking to choose which to start. but vista still in this first partition and cant be deleted.. :/ anyone understand what iam saying. my English is not so good, so there must be mistakes and not correctly used words :). btw can help me someone?
Download EasyBCD 1.7.1 from http://neosmart.net/dl.php?id=1 . It's a freeware. It's a clean way to get rid of Vista.
this is the way to edit the boot loader file to read only the xp parition
you need to be in windows xp

click control panel , double click system icon,
click advanced tab.
then click start up and recovery options.
look for to edit start up files manually click edit.
click edit and edit the boot loader to read

[boot loader]
[operating systems]
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Professional" /noexecute=optin /fastdetect

replace the partition number to that of the one you have xp on.
save that boot loader file and restart.
the computer should now just start in xp

I want to install Win XP on a dv2550se without the Vista. Can you please tell me what steps of the guide provided by EliCASH I should follow in order to make a single-boot XP install on the dv2550se.

Thanks a lot!
best to go from post 1 and work your way down.

now I would make your back up vista disk set now before you even try to downgrade,
that way you can always go back to vista if you find the downgrade to hard.

follow the downloads and get the sata driver set.
now you have two ways to install them normal floppy way with a usb floppy drive plugged in the laptop or the slipstream was as listed in the first section of this topic.

Important install bit

xp pro with sp2
motherboard driver set as listed.
direct x updated
microsoft UAA driver
conexant driver
geforce driver.
then work on the rest of your problems

now if you run in to trouble please start a new thread so we can deal with your problems.
Thanks for the clarifications.

It's my girlfriend's laptop and I'm still not sure if she really wants to go with the downgrade, but Vista is currently running really rough, running into a number of problems on a regular basis.

I'll see where we're standing at and will post any questions in a new thread as you suggested.

Thanks again!
Hey Davey! I was happy to find your forum after working 24 hours trying to downgrade to XP on my HP desktop, and used your handy zip file posted on page one of this thread.

I'm booting off the xp disc, then F6'ing and ran your program, then it told me to insert the xp disc into drive A. I don't have a drive A, so after trying to MAKE it accept the F drive, I backed out of the program and started over booting off the F drive. Problem is, it ignored my boot to bios and I've repeated several times - all times ignored and I'm taken to my regular windows vista.

I'm guessing the program changed my disc drive to A? Hoping you have a fix for this blurry eyed woman.
Thanks bunches.
ok the best way out of your problems is to slipstream your copy of windows xp.
what you do is add the sata controller files to your xp disk.
then boot up using just your cdrom drive as normal.
please follow this very good guide on how to put your sata controller files on your xp cdrom.
Ah, yes. Been there, done that. You should see all the downloads I've collected in the last day.
I did want to tell you that system restore got everything acting right, and that your fix was the closest I ever got to allll most getting xp on here. :-)
ok need you to check something for me.
if its failing to accept the sata controller drivers i must check your model number.
turn your laptop upside down and on a sticker you will find the full model number listed.
please let me know what is printed so i can check up with hp what controller is in your laptop.
now one thing comes to mind and that is your version of windows xp.
what version of xp are you trying to load up ?
is it a upgrade disk or the full version of windows xp ?
An easier way to slipstream SATA drivers onto an XP CD is by using nLite. http://www.nliteos.com/download.html Nice GUI and no need to manually edit the INF file as it is all done by nLite. Burns a CD once it is finished. Love it!!!!
Hey there, I just downgraded from Vista to XP on my dv2550se laptop, I got all the drivers needed with the exception of the Video Controller and the Video Controller VGA Compatible ones. Any idea on where can i get them? Thanks!
try this set of drivers.
(08-25-2008, 06:20 AM)davey6 Wrote: try this set of drivers.

They didn't work, what are the drivers I need for anyway?

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