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audio driver
i need audio driver for my motherboard ac97

only numbers i can see are


barcode number 1001001


hope that helps

windows 98 please.
that is a old gigabyte motherboard the onboard sound is made by creative.

you can download the drivers from this link.
Hi, Gideon here agin,

Dcided to load w98se on old PC that does not like XP, but seems I cant get sound to work, mught be a missing driver, any advice, and is there a driver that might work I could download.

Tiny Computers MS-6378

Windows 98 SE (build 4.10.2222)


BIOS: Award Software International, Inc. 6.00 PG 04/10/2002

as far as i can tell that board is running the realtek ac97 sound chip by the via chipset.

now best to download the via chipset driver first and load that.
best match i can find for the KLE133 chipset is this at via

once that set is loaded restart the pc and try the realtek drivers.

you know i have this nagging feeling in the back of my mind we have done this before on windows 98se and it kicked us in the teeth for some reason
but we have to start somewhere so try the above.
Thanks for that reply, you could be right about having seen it before, sounds familiar. This Tiny PC has been the very devil, its given me trouble time and time again, today its not only the sound but it keeps losing files and not starting, have just re-loaded Win 98, over the other, not very good, cant get online with it now, its just one thing after another, I have got to the stage where methinks a new cpu/motherboard is on the cards, will have to check price at local PC shop.
check that hard drive first in case its starting to get whats known as disk fade.
that tends to happen on older drives where they simply can't read, write to the disk anymore as the surface has worn to thin.

tiny pc went bust many moons ago got took over by time pc if memory serves which in turn went bust.
Thanks again, I picked up a brand new HD last week, I might use that and see if it makes a difference.
Yes Tiny did go down the swanee, not surprising considering their after service was not existant, Time took over but they were just as bad and went down the same road.
shame you did not live close to me gideon i could throw so much old hardware your way.

I have motherboards, cpus, soundcards, videocards, memory all sitting round doing sweet sod all.
I keep it " just in case " but that never seems to happen all that happens is the pile gets bigger lol lol
Same here, I have some old IBM 486's in the attic, probably some older, hate scrapping, wife goes mad, have said will get to a charity that takes them sometime,they rebuild and give to third world etc.

Sorting out the new HDD, will see if I can get the XP home that originally came with PC to work properly on it.

if you still get problems i can let you have windows more error's i mean windows ME
i don't use it anymore but you can see if its a pc problem or your disk.
i can make a iso of my own disk and upload it for you.

i can't remember the last time i even looked at windows 98, ME 2K
Hi, Thanks for that offer, might be useful.
The alternative I could go back in time and load:

MS-Dos Series. Version 6.2, followed by,

Windows 3.1 I have the full set. Very stable it was too.
I was just the other day browsing through Usborne's' The Complete Book of Windows 3.1, brought back memories and looking at it I was reminded of the many things we could do with it. I was even able to go online. Then it was followed by Win 95, I have the usb supported edition as well.
Memories Eh!

Have another driver problem will switch to another thread.
Hi again,

I was looking at the selection of disks that came with the Tiny PC, just had access to them, I note that the XP Home O/S disk suppplied is not an original by Microsoft but one 'cobbled' by Tiny, wondered whether there may be a fault on that as it has always been a problem from word go, and Tiny were not interested in it after they sold it.

I was wondering whether I could take up your offer of the ME, and try that see if it is an improvement on Win 98, and more stable than this XP. A friend of mine has ME and swears by it, hasnt let him down at all since new. Cheers.
not a problem i will do that for you tomorrow.

swear by windows ME ? more like swear at it , lol lol
it is a improvement over windows 98 but not much and it can be unstable at times.
i had problems with it for years as most people did.
but as long as wel can find the correct driver sets for it then it should be stable-ish and you will be able to test your machine.
pop over to boot.com
pick up a windows ME boot start up floppy ( oem ) , you will need that to kick start the install like windows 98.
Thanks, look forward to trying it out, I have a ME Boot disk as some time ago another friend of mine had a niggle with his ME and asked me if I could look at it, this I did, and it worked OK since, at the time I obtained a ME Boot disk.

please check your email for details.

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