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Windows 10
What are your opinions on Windows 10? Will you be upgrading to it?
If so, what are you looking forward to seeing?
windows 10 ? you mean windows 8.2 because that's all it is really.
M/S have even screwed up the long awaited return of the start menu
add to that fact it will have cortana recording and sending back everything you say to
Microsoft and I think you can guess my answer.

anyone upgrading to windows 10 will be making a massive mistake because Microsoft have changed their Privacy Statement
to cover their ass in case someone takes them to court for spying.
I will be staying with my XP/windows 7 dual boot
Yeah I suppose you're right with it just being pretty much 8.2. As much as I liked the Start menu i hardly used it, but its nice to have the option.
I've never rly looked much into Cortana, but I highly doubt I'll use it personally.
I think the only thing I'm really looking forward to is DX12 since I like gaming on my PC haha
maybe so but please make sure you fully read the T/C of running windows 10 as I think
it might shock you.
under the beta version well the last one I looked at it did have cortana in it but because I said
no at every stage of reporting to Microsoft she did not work so its worth keeping that in mind
don't link all your accounts when that option is shown and tell Microsoft to keep its nose out
basic windows will still work as normal but I can't be 100% sure there is not extra spyware in
windows noting what your doing.
I will have a good read when I get the chance.

If theres anything that bothers me its when certain things want to link any accts.
Even with windows 8 I didn't link my email to it, I dont see the need to and much reason for it.

DO you know if I will be able to dual boot with windows 10 or will it require me to install over my current windows 8.1?
well I had a three way boot with the beta xp / 7 /10
I can't see any reason why you can't do a dual boot because there are plenty of third party
boot menus around these days.

I don't like the new UEFI boot menu so I disable them and use the old way as I find its better
if you use the UEFI bios option it starts up gives you the boot options after you select which one it shuts down
runs its bios again and starts up in your choice of O/S
what a pointless waste of time, that's why I use the old way choose and hit enter and it starts up straight away.

Microsoft are becoming like Apple and Google, they want to target you with ads non stop which is why they snoop
in your computer to see what your doing.
even Samsung a company I like does the same thing these days with its smart TV's.
big brother is watching you every step of the way and there is no getting away from it.
and please for your own sake don't ever ask me what I think of cloud storage as that will start off a Davey rant lol lol
with windows 10 retail now out I have had chance to look at it and two words come to mind
" total rubbish "
if you go for the " free upgrade " be very careful as every report back to Microsoft option is switched on as default.
but if you say do a upgrade on that machines hardware Microsoft can then say its a new pc and charge you for windows 10
if you do a clean install make sure you find the small customize option on the right hand side DO NOT use the express mode
Microsoft may well call it inking input but that is another way of saying key logger and its default setting is on so in other words
what you type in goes to them.
the much hyped start menu is nothing of the sort classic shell is still much better then what they have put in windows 10

by all means use it as a games machine but I would not for the love of god use it as a main stream O/S.
I want to sit and read over the full T/C of windows 10 over the next day or so I bet in there in small print are things no one in their right mind would agree to.

no matter how good the so called experts say windows 10 is and no matter the hype on the net about it windows 10 is still windows 8 but with a much darker side that is watching everything you are doing.
vypert be careful of this so called free upgrade.
I have been testing a idea to see how far you can upgrade a machine before windows moans.
all it took was a video card swap from NVidia to ATI and windows wanted to reactivate.
when I done that it failed with the option to phone Microsoft or buy a new key.
so it really don't take much for you to break the free on " device " part of this free upgrade.

this is one xp / 7 / Linux mint user that is not going to even consider windows 10
Yeah, I did the upgrade but I always customize it, I disabled alot of the things but does disabling really stop the recording of searches and such?
I don't think I'll ever use cortana personally, I just dont see a real purpose to it.

That is interesting, I wonder if they will manually activate it for people who upgrade their PC hardware frequently. Just changing a video card and requiring it to be reactivated is pretty extreme in my opinion.

I still have my copy of windows 7 pro if I ever need to go back. I haven't gotten around to installing to dual boot it.
cortana is a reporting tool stay well away from it as much as possible.

I can tell you that if you change your hardware frequently you will break the T/C of the free upgrade.
the free upgrade is for the " device " so when you upgrade I think they get a list of the current hardware, if you change too much they will want you to pay for windows 10.

what you should have done is have two different versions of windows 7 on your pc at the time of upgrading.
then you upgrade one version to windows 10 you would have got the dual boot that way.

the more I am digging into windows 10 the more I don't like about it. at the moment I am testing its network protection
I have windows xp trying to break into windows 10 with a lot of older hacking tools.
now if m/s have done the job correct none of them should work, that takes about 12hrs and I will let you know if I manage to get in or not.
got some bad news for you, I gained access to windows 10 in 4min 23 seconds.
it was not even limited access I managed to get in and take control of the admin account
lets just say the attack I used was patched years ago on other versions of windows but they seem
to have forgot about it in windows 10.
I found more then one way in and I found a hole big enough for me to shove my fist in.
it was that important to me that big hole is patched that I took the steps of not only emailing Microsoft
with what I found but also a phone call to the usa to report it.
the so called tech that I spoke to really could not care less, I did not like that and gave him a earful
if I am good enough to report what I have found then they should at least say thank you.

not all end users are idiots some of us have been around along time and we have seen windows grow from dos
I wish I could tell you what I had done to gain access but I am not that stupid and won't put it on the net for people
to copy.
from this point on the ball is with Microsoft and they have three patches they now have to work out.
Oh, not to worry I used my copy of windows 8 pro to upgrade to windows 10
I didnt want to risk losing my copy of windows 7 just yet haha

Wow that sounds pretty serious, considering how many people are actually upgrading to windows 10. I heard its much more people than it was for windows 8 at the time of its launch.
I'm just wondering why thats even an issue if it was patched with previous versions of windows.
the only reason's people are doing that upgrade is because they hate windows 8.1 and the fact its free
if Microsoft charged as they normally do windows 10 would be dead in the water.

just wait till people realise what a mistake they have made to upgrade from windows 7 to 10
I bet more then half will be straight back to windows 7 within a week but Microsoft will never admit
how many people switched back to their old O/S they will only say how many people upgraded

yup that is one of the questions I put to their tech prick on the phone but I might as well have been talking to RJ for all the sense I got out of the guy.
Yeah, thats why I just went ahead and upgraded to 10 from W8.

I've been hearing that MS will be able to access your private files on your computer. I'm still a bit confused about it, are they referring to private files in the OneDrive or do they mean files from any storage device such as a USB/HDD storage?
any files they choose including the my docs folder.
there are now a lot of post on the net telling people how to stop Microsoft poking its nose in to windows 10
however just switching off options in windows does mean they can't still look.
those options might make the end user feel more safe but if they work or not remains to be seen.

for me cortana is the biggest risk of the lot because it won't work unless you allow it to track your inking inputs and voice.
I am not 100% sure the usa government is not behind all of this or if its just Microsoft thinking they have the right to know everything about you.
but I won't ever use one drive, cloud storage or anything that could mean someone else could access my files.
if I want extra storage I will just plug in a drive to my router and set up my own private cloud system that can only be accessed by me

I can see this whole lot blowing up in Microsoft's face and windows 10 will flop just like windows 8 did
its not even a week and the net is full of people worrying over this and a lot of post's from people saying its no better then windows 8
and they still hate it.

XP had the best end user interface dead easy and anyone could understand it, windows 7 is different but none the less its still a reasonable desktop.
you will get countess experts saying how good windows 10 is but once that all dies down and the end user gets a chance you will see the whole net change to people that
hate it and then these so called experts will have to back track just like they did over windows 8
its the same old hype when a new o/s comes out, I have seen the same stuff pedalled out over every versions of windows but it all comes down to same things.
time and the end user, those are the two most important things.
Wow thats pretty extreme if they can choose any file in any drive location.
Yeah, I dont feel that switching off any of the options for it can really stop them personally.
Well, I guess we will have to wait and see what will go down with W10.

I will probably dual boot W7 along W10 sometime.
the only advice I can give you is wait for the crap to hit the fan but in the meantime do your internet work and personal work on W7
and just use W10 for games.

I have the so called business version of W10 here, I did hope that I could at last find a version of windows where I could get my older
business software working, so far I have hit nothing but brick walls so its not looking good.

this software only seems to work on Windows XP no matter what I try VM machines XP modes, you name it me and biggles have come up with it and failed time and time again.
the answer is newer software but we are talking hundreds of thousands of pounds here and that is just not possible as the older hardware wants the older software.
to upgrade everything, hardware, software we are talking millions all because of M/S.
I really can't see how a company such as Microsoft can force another business such as mine to spend millions on pointless upgrades that I do want and can't afford.
one of these days if I have enough money I would love to ask Microsoft that question in court and see how they wriggle out of it.
Yeah i hear most businesses still run xp because of that and also they see no point in upgrading either.
i can imagine how much it would cost though

one thing that rly bothers me about windows 10 is you can't really stop updates from installing, atleast not the main updates.
no you can't stop them they are forced on you like it or not.
the business version of w10 you can only delay them but you can't stop them.
that means they could put more bloatware in and you would know nothing about it.

the more I read about windows 10 the more I believe that its been set up as a lease of the software
and if that's the case you are only leasing it and don't own it.
that would explain why they can force updates and the answers I am looking for must be in very small print
somewhere in the T/C of the sale.
Yeah, I dont really like that. I had to uninstalled the default windows 10 gpu driver when i installed W10 the first time as well as other mb drivers, its a real pain honestly. I dont see the point in it since it chooses outdated or poor drivers to install by default. Its always been like that for me since windows 7 though.
I'd hope they wouldnt do any pay to use services in the future just to use W10, i wouldnt continue using windows if they turned around and did that haha.

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