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Monitor On/Off
So I just got a new gpu a few weeks ago. I've noticed that my second screen sometimes just goes black for a second then back on like nothing ever occurred. It happens random,y I can be casually browsing the internet or gaming. My temps never exceed anything past the mid 70c when gaming.

I'm thinking its probably a driver issue, but I'm not sure. I have had this setup for a few years and never had a issue.
The only things that are different is, I'm running an AMD r9 300 series card and its running off an HDMI cable rather than a DVI cable. I would have used another DVI cable but it only has 1 DVI connection and the rest are 1 HDMI and 3 Display Ports.
My current monitors only have DVI/HDMI so I can't use those DP yet till I upgrade haha.

Now I did try plugging the HDMI to my primary monitor but had some color issues(had magenta tint), so instead of messing with anything I just used the HDMI on my secondary monitor and the colors were fine by default.

This is the first time I used anything besides DVI so I'm unsure why the second monitor is randomly turning black with no indications that its lost signal.
Could it be a driver issue or a bad HDMI cable?

Also some days it doesn't occur.

I haven't had an AMD card in years and thought i'd try them out for once.
I came from the GTX 570 which served me very well the past 4yrs or so.
I had problems like that once and it was down to a loose HDMI cable.
the cable just did not sit in the slot tight enough and caused the sort of problems your getting.

the other thing I can think of is power, how big is your psu, two ATI cards are going to cause a massive drain
and use a lot of amps. if the PSU stutters and drops below it's rated output for even a millisecond that would also
cause the card to shut down.

ATI have always got driver problems, they have been known for crappy drivers for years just like creative.
I did know that they had driver issues quite a bit, but I thought i'd try it out for once. Maybe I should have stuck with nvidia again haha..
My psu is 750w gold certified, i've only got 1 r9 390
that card will suck 468.04 W when pushed, that's a lot of wattage gone from your 750
and don't leave you a great deal to play with.
depending on your cpu the motherboard and cpu can suck another 100+w

do a psu check here and see what they say is the min you need
It says on Load Wattage is 411W, recommended is 461W

i used coolermasters(http://www.coolermaster.outervision.com) calculator a while back and it came to about the same 463W
so its about the same, should i get a bigger PSU?

Hmm, now that I think about it, it might be windows 10 because I dont recall this happening when I had windows 8.1 installed.
what is the make and model of your psu I will check its AMP out put
to see if it can cope or if its under powered.
its an EVGA 120-G1-0750-XR 80 PLUS GOLD 750W
well checked up on that and sat and had a look at some reviews.
its a pretty good PSU with a 62A 12V rail.
that should be more then enough for your needs.

with that out of the way for now I would go with the faulty cable being the problem
Do you think it could also be Windows 10 related?
I don't think this occurred when I was on windows 8.1 until I upgrade to 10
may well be as windows 10 is very buggy at the moment and service pack 1 Is due out In oct so that will give you a idea of how bad it
really is.
when I am on windows 10 myself my display driver keeps crashing and I get a warning pop up saying your display driver has stopped working and has been recovered.
that don't happen under windows XP or windows 7 only windows 10.

I done every dirty trick I could think of last night but I still can't get it to run my software that I need so I won't be going anywhere near windows 10
myself, for now my business stays on windows XP
I don't play games so direct x is not important to me but what is important is the input output range and windows 10 can't match windows XP on that.
the thing that's really getting to me is the fact I am testing the so called business version and its so locked down that it renders it pretty much useless
to most business out there.
everything I try to do I get pop up warning after pop up warning and after a while that really does get to you.

I did find a nice little program last night that is meant to shut down most of the reporting but I have not tested it yet myself but it might be worth you looking at this.

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