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Windows 10 & The Edge
Anyone updated to Microsofts latest venture?

Yesterday I downloaded and installed the free version on my Dell Alien. Haven't noticed any abnormalities as of yet but I do have to search around a bit to find things.

The Edge browser is taking some getting used to as I normally use Firefox. In "Settings", there are no other Search Engines listed other than Bing.

Also, didn't see an option to transfer my Favorites from Firefox, only IE...

Will see how it goes. I still have the Firefox browser on there too so I can switch back and forth as needed.
just wait till you try and find favorites in edge that will leave you with a puzzled look on your face lol

to be honest I think you had better take a read of this post I done on windows spying oh sorry windows 10 as Microsoft likes to call it.
windows 10 will never be installed on any computer under my control and trust me that is one hell of a lot of computers.

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