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Fast answer and solution
I know this forum from the first day it started, and as a owner of a " dinosaur" computer sometimes these cheap computer get on my nerves,but as you know religious men d'ont have money to spend for a brand new computer,so it 's a blessing to bring this "thing "back alive Grin with you help !
that's a very long time now as I started this forum in 2007.
the site is now pretty much dead, all the big boys and auto software programs have pushed me out with their
high tech flash webpages but sometimes you simply don't need all that membership just to get a basic answer
which is why I have not really changed the site a great deal.

your not alone Robert the local people out here have older machines then yours as they can't afford
a new one, even the ones that do get a new machine bring it to me to remove windows 7, 8, 10 as they want XP as its the only one they understand.
I do what I can to help them and I never charge them for my work.

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