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Topro TP6810 Webcam / PC Camera drivers for Windows 10

found this rather poor quality USB webcam and tried to install it in Windows 10 64 bit.
Windows reports it under Other equipment and couldn't find a driver for it.
The Id is listed as:


It lists also the following compatible id:

Would you by any chance have a driver I could try for it?

Best regards, Jari
to be honest I doubt that cam will work with windows 10 as it never really worked with anything above vista.
topro went broke years ago so no new drivers ever came out for it.

the only drivers I have for the topro 6800 series can be found here.

best to download that file, fully unpack it and then use device manager, update driver option and browse to that unpacked
folder and highlight any file and see if windows will pick up on it.
if it don't I am pretty sure you will be out of luck because despite what all these so called auto driver update programs
say I know for a fact there is no newer drivers out there.
Thanx for trying,

at least the Windows 10 driver update didn't recognize any of those as valid driver (and based on info etc. texts, they look like 32 bit anyway).

Time to retire that cam, then.
I would think so, windows 7 killed off a lot of the older hardware and that was down to Microsoft
doing their best to get people away from windows xp at that time.
now they are trying to kill off windows 7 with windows 10 and a lot of the dirty tricks are once again coming in to play
such as older working hardware that is not supported.

as a tip if a webcam works on windows 8.1 then it should work with windows 10

sorry I could not help you out on this.
(10-25-2015, 11:10 AM)torvejea Wrote: Thanx for trying,

at least the Windows 10 driver update didn't recognize any of those as driver (and based on info etc. texts, they look like 32 bit anyway).

Time to retire that cam, then.

I have the same cam and couldn't get it working on win 10 either. I gave up trying in the end.
windows 10 is proving death to a lot of older hardware and not just the webcams.
sound cards , video cards have all gone the same way.
to me its a waste of good known working hardware that just ends up in landfill

all the big companies are guilty of this as well as they stop driver support to force you
to part with your money.

the thing windows 10 has the biggest problems with is wifi cards its had more then one update
now and still it can't see or use some brand new wifi cards.

I for one will never run windows 10 because it can't run my older hardware that I need for my main business.
its a crazy world when we let software companies tell us what we should or should not be using.
Aye, Windows 10 is a nightmare for a lot of enthusiasts out there. And a lot of business owners too, which is even worse because it's people's livelihoods we're talking here.
after jan next year your not going to have a choice anymore.
if you want windows it will have to be windows 10.

I have a trusted and much loved dell xps m1710 and windows 10 refuses to run its NVidia 7950 GFX card
that was till I sat down and rewrote the NVidia inf file myself and forced windows 10 to accept it.

I can't see why known working hardware has to be scrapped just because Microsoft say's so.
its yet more waste that could be avoided if only they tried a little harder.
not everyone wants a gaming machine and direct x 12 most home user's just want net access and write emails and letters
any machine with a 2gig cpu and reasonable gfx and memory amount can do that.
it all comes down to one thing " greed " and all big companies are guilty of that.

I have so many pc's and servers and yet I still own and use a Amiga A1200 for some things.

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