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stupid microsoft
oh for gods sake what is microsoft doing ? ???

all i wanted to do was update direct x on windows 7.
that seems pretty straight forward ? 
its now done by windows update so they say
however i did find the web installer in the back pages found here.

when you click that guess what happens ? 

give up ? 

your forced over to a page that is trying to force you over to windows 10 

i don't effing well want windows 10, microsoft can shove it up their Ahole.

after searching some more i have found the web installer for direct x and for now it does still download the
updater so i will post it here for anyone trying to find a simple direct x update 

but again scroll down as the top of the screen is trying to get you to upgrade.

why the big push to shove so many people on to a spying pile of crap is beyond me.
windows 8 was a pile of  Poo  windows 10 is a bigger spying pile of  Poo 
at this rate i will put all my machines back to windows XP just to screw microsoft over.

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