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#2 Motherboard Bios update, Possibly??
Hi Dave,

I ran into this thread, and as well have the same motherboard, same version too. rs480-m v1.0. I sucessfully completed bios update v1.2c but went to boot the computer and the video was all messed up. It had multi-colored lines, and patches that looked like little boxes scattered around the monitor. I can not seem to correct this. So I flashed the original back on. My original issue was a really slow sluggish start, along with extremely slow write to the hd. For example, I went to windows update, had 14 to complete, so went and and accepted the download and install. Well the download was great, nice and fast, no issues. After it intialized installation, it took 2 hrs for all 14 updates to complete installing. In total the file sizes were around 20mb.

If I may give another example. I was unarchiving a file, it's size was 750mb, I was using winrar, and it took 45mins to an hour to complete. I have an older intel system(2002), and it takes 5-7mins for a 750mb file using winrar to unarchive.

Any ideas on what's going on? Thanks for the help.
sorry i had to split this as it may confuse quintain with his own problems with this board.

when you updated the bios did you remember to clear the cmos ?
you should clear the cmos, ( take the battery out / remove power from the motherboard )
when it restarts you should then load defaults to gain the best from the update.
if your running the older bios and your speed issus have come back then i would say the older bios is not fully supporting the fsb of your cpu, the newer bios does address newer AMD cpu codes and adds support.

try the update once more then remember to clear the cmos and load up its defaults, that should stop the problem with the onboard video.
if it don't contact ECS about the problem it may be something that they are working on.

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