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Black screen - Windows 10
Hi Dave,

It's been a long time how are you?!

Both my laptop and PC have upgraded to 10 automatically.. Laptop is fine.. Unfortunately the PC is a different story! It comes on very slow and then a couple of minutes after logging in the screen goes black and the computer is completely froze. I've tried hitting F8 on restart to try get safe mode but that doesn't seem to work?.

I was thinking its a conflicting driver or software but how the hell do I get into safe mode?
Ok so I found safe mode. I've downloaded the latest drivers for my motherboard - GA-H61M-D2H-USB3, but these date back to 2015 so would expect these are already installed. I will attempt to reboot and try install them. Is there anything else I can check in safe mode?

I have disabled most start up items but it didn't really have much set anyway.
which cpu do you have ste ? there are two different cores that fit that motherboard and they have different VGA

please don't tell me you like windows 10 ?? good god I won't even install it on my machines
It's a G2020. I seem to have it under control now, I installed the drivers and reduced the start up items and it has stayed on. Just seems a littles slower than win7.

I don't really use the pc daily, its used to run a vinyl cutter so not too fussed about having win 10 on it as long as my equipment will work with it lol.

They will make us all switch eventually :(
its slower because of the bloat ware reporting back everything your doing.
I tested the brand new windows 10 which came out last week and I was shocked by how much memory it used.

no matter what you do or what you type Microsoft get a full report.
there is already people complaining about anti-virus and other program such as cpuz being removed by Microsoft without
the owners permission.
if they can remove programs from your pc then they have too much back door control.

my business is still on XP / windows 7 I need XP but I don't need windows 10.
they did force some of my servers to upgrade despite the fact I shut down all windows update even taking care to
shut the whole service off but they still forced windows 10 on to me and shut down what that server was doing.
cost me a lot if time just putting things back the way they were, not to mention the swearing that was going on at the time.

for me Microsoft have over stepped the mark, they are after all just a software company.
Sneaky! I didn't know they had that control. I went custom when it installed and un checked everything that said it reported to them. Their must be some smart arse that has found a way to regain control?
the problem is you can't see what windows update is doing  you can no longer shut it down.
its already been proved those custom settings mean nothing.
to me its too much of a risk I can't have my business being spied on by the likes of Microsoft
the simple reason is I don't trust them not to pass that info on to a third party.

the problem is most people don't read the T/C they just agree to it but if they took the time to read it
then they would not install it.

its not just Microsoft, apple, google all do the same thing.

how's the uk still a massive shithole ?
I was there last year for all of three days, that was enough for me I could not handle anymore then that Grin
Haha yes same old!

When's the expected date that they will stop supporting Windows 7? I did like that version never had any issues with it, I had 8 on my laptop as it came pre loaded I just used classic shell on it.
14 January 2020 so 4 years left really but end of support don't mean much these days.

I still use xp two years after the so called end of support I just hide it behind a firewall.
I know business people that still use windows 98 because that's all their tills will support and they can't afford
to upgrade.

as with everything in life it comes down to money or in Microsoft's case how much of your money they can grab and not just by charging
you way to much for windows or office they now want to target you with pointless ads every other second.

right now I am not even using windows, most of my internet done at home is on Linux mint so that will show you how much
I hate windows these days.
I use windows only if I have to but at home I use Linux more or my amiga's workbench O/S

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