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airlive WL-8000 Pci wifi card
I've been looking everywhere for a driver for an old Ovislink Airlive WL-8000 PCI wifi card, to work with Windows 64bits.
I've tried different brands with the same chip from TI but no luck. I can get the utility to work but no driver seems to exist.
The device string is :  PCI\VEN_104C&DEV_9066&SUBSYS_AB9013D1   .
Any ideas?
Thank you,
ps: Alternatively, should there be no solution to this driver problem, could you recommend a fast PCI wifi card for my  Win10 computer?
to be honest I would ditch that card, I checked the Microsoft back pages in their downloads for a possible driver.
this is where windows update looks, no driver is listed for windows 10.
plenty of sites on the net say they have a driver but that is just a con in order for you to download and then pay for their
driver update programs.

without knowing what motherboard or pc you have I can't point you to a good card however I would say get a wifi AC card as that's the new standard these days and is triple the speed of your old wifi G card.
the problem with wifi AC is most cards are pci express and I am unsure if you have that slot in your computer.
if you don't I would drop down to a wifi N+ card as that can give you speeds up to 300mb/s depending on your routers speeds

any good make that supports their products for years, belkin, D-link, Linksys , TP-Link
TP-Link would be the cheapest of that named brand list
Well I was afraid you'd say that... thank you for the effort! I'll just have to buy a new card.
I'll just stick to a big name brand.
Bye and thanks again.

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