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Macbook Pro
Hey davey its been a while since I been here

Anyways I'm having some trouble with a Macbook Pro model a1278 running OSX 10.9.5 or something, ill double check it later. For what ever reason the Brightness, volume and eject keys do nothing. The onscreen indicator that shows you that you press the vol, brightness and eject icons dont appear briefly when pressed on screen. The only way to change the vol, brightness is in the settings themselves.

I know the buttons work because they make system alert noises when using the Fn key in combination.

Its as if the key mappings to those keys were deleted or something. I dont want to do a re-installation of the OS because its not mine lol. I've done various resets such as SMC, NVRAM resets and still nothing.

Dunno if you know much about macs though haha, thought I'd post this though
I will not ever work on a mac any version and know little about them however it sounds like the short cut
keys are missing from the O/S.
apple are a funny lot of A/holes and I doubt you will be able to access the support pages for
that MacBook without logging in to some kind of apple account.
but that is what it sounds like to me, if you can change in it settings and not by pressing its the short cut's that have been deleted from the o/s

reasons I hate apple

sealed up so you can't upgrade
have to login to apple for the most simple of things
cheap hardware that is well overpriced
and the most shitty battery life I have ever come across in my life

your lucky the site is still here my friend, Microsoft forced upgraded my server to windows 10
and the site went down as they very kindly locked me out of my own server so I could not log in
and sort things out.
had to take a long trip just to get my server back up and running.

I have already told other members this but if they do it again I won't bother to repair it
older members can always email me should they need my help or just fancy a chat.
I pretty much told them to reinstall their os because I couldnt find a way to restore them back.
I agree with you there, they're a pain to work with and not worth the price tag.

That sounds rough, your server being force upgraded then to be locked out of it. I dont blame you though, sounds like its not worth the hassle to deal with.

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