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DHL Arseholes
sorry a Davey rant is coming Slap

What is the point of having a express service that is anything but express Thinking

Thursday you arseholes were paid to deliver and nothing happened you failed
to  deliver, Friday comes and goes and still you have not got off your lazy arseholes.

your support phones lines are a bloody joke. 45min on hold and when you do get to speak with some one
they are a  complete idiot. 
the idiot on the phone had to take the tracking number 6 times before he got it right 
not one person I have spoken to and swore at over the last two days knows what the hell
they are doing.
A word of advice " I Don't Know " is not the best answer to give someone already ranting down the phone at you.

and why the f uck have you listed Scheduled for delivery three times when the dam
package is still in your bloody warehouse ?
maybe " Scheduled for delivery " listed that many times means you are about to steal it or loose it.

maybe the top arse  at DHL would like to explain to a 13yr child why he has not
got the snooker table I ordered for him for his birthday tomorrow but I guess your far to
busy updating the tracking with pointless " Scheduled for delivery " notices.

DHL the most incompetent bunch of brain dead idiots I have ever had to deal with.

when that child burst In to tears I will get a photo of it and put it up on your feedback page
maybe that will light a fire under your arse and you will get round to doing what I bloody paid extra for.

you can expect a very rude letter coming your way next week as I won't let this matter rest I am
bloody angry that you can't do the most simple of things like deliver on the day I paid for.

just in case anyone thinks I am joking well I am not this is a snap shot of my screen from DHL own
tracking site, note the agree date was Thursday and they even list that so that proves what idiots they are.

going by that tracking it took them all of 8mins to change their mind and not deliver
you can expect to be reported to trading standards over this because I not the sort of person that
lets things slip.
[Image: DHL.png]
you know I had to order a second table and it got there at 11am just before the party started.
say what you like about the royal mail but sometimes those people will move the earth
just as long as you pay the top prices.

just means if and when DHL bother to show up the other one won't be accepted and sent back
at DHL's own cost I won't pay for the return.
I ordered some parts a few days ago and they're shipped via dhl, so far its been 6 days and the tracking number doesnt work at all for me lol...
terrible company to deal with and I feel sorry for you should you have to call them.

they are a complete joke, I reported them to trading standards because it took them 14 working days to deliver that table.
the table never left their truck as I made dam sure my friend sent it back.
sometimes its a good job I am not there because I would have exploded with rage at the driver.
Can't say I'm surprised, that delivery company is rarely used here in the states haha, but when it is used, I know I'll be waiting for delivery quite a bit later than usual.
I just hope I dont have to call lol
(08-04-2016, 08:26 PM)vypergt Wrote: Can't say I'm surprised, that delivery company is rarely used here in the states haha, but I know I'll be waiting for delivery quite a bit later than usual.
I just hope I dont have to call lol

That sucks, Davey. You'd think they were delivering it from Mars. 14 working days is insane nowadays. Never used them myself so I guess I dodged a bullet.
your lucky I can tell you.
I have not used them since that day.
anything I need sent to or around the UK now goes by royal mail
yes it cost more but so far they have not let me down

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