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Reliable safe DL
Do you know if there is a reliable safe place to download Vista home? I know MS doesn't provide a download link anymore. Also, is there a way to login to an account if the owner doesn't remember their password? They've had this computer sitting around for about 7-8yrs and somehow forgot their password. I know there are 3rd party programs that help with it, Im just not familiar with what is actually safe haha.
most sam password crackers use Linux and each carry's a risk but ontrack works well as I have used it myself

vista download that's a tricky one and I will take a look around and see if I can find a bug free copy for you.
I think I have it myself someone but by now its covered in dust at the back of a drawer somewhere lol
had a poke around the net and downloaded a few version of vista most seem loaded with malware
but this is the only downloads I can find that seem bug free but with that said I would still run a full scan
of malwarebytes after the install just to be on the safe side.

Thanks for the link, I was able to login to the laptop. I might not need to reinstall vista after all lol
I just needed it just in case I couldnt log into this computer is all. Are current programs still supported with vista like malwarebytes and avast?
I never used vista as a main OS, and I havent been on windows 7 in a few years myself
yes most programs still support vista
even xp is still supported by a lot of anti-virus companies
I now use panda free anti-virus less pf a hog then avast
plus if you switch off the panda news in the settings it don't bother you with any pop ups what so ever
just sit's there and does it's job.

I still use XP mate for almost everything I have no other choice as my software is just too old
to run on anything else.

sorry to say Microsoft could not pay me enough to use windows 10 that is one O/S that will never grace
my pc's
I see the French government is taking good old M/S to court over the spying in windows 10
I for one will be very interested on the outcome of that case.
they state they do not want Microsoft or the NSA knowing anything about what the government of their country is doing
that's a fair enough point in my book but why install the shitty O/S in the first place if you know it reports everything ?

I for one would love to see Microsoft go broke I really would, for far too long they have acted like they own the world
and can do as they like.
no software company in the world should have the power they do its just wrong but as the saying goes
only in the USA do they allow such shit to happen in the first place.
bill gates was the biggest thief in the world stealing everyone else's idea's and they let him bloody get away with it.
Alright thanks, yeah I have seen that avast is a bit annoying with the popups. I never tried panda av but I have known about it for some time. I may install it on that laptop to see how it goes.

Yeah I understand what you mean with all of the unnecessary spying going on in windows 10, I mostly feel sorry for the people who dont rly know or understand whats going on.
I went for windows 10 because it was better than 8/8.1 and I wanted the latest dx as it comes out and it was free to upgrade to it lol.

There are some ways to turn off/block most of it though, but it shouldnt be necessary in the first place. I know even windows 7 has the same telemetry as windows 10 if you happen to have updated it.
you can disable all that telemetry in windows 7 and that's because it was a addon so dws control panel removes and then blocks every last part of it, its like sticking two fingers up at M/S and I like that idea lol

the problem with windows 10 is the forced updates you have no idea what they hell they are putting in your machine
and its already been confirmed they remove apps they feel are " unsafe "
that to me is too much back door control over what is your machine, you buy the machine so its up to you what you run on it not some jumped up software company.

like wise as far as I know there is only one game that can use directx 12 and even that one won't work fully on windows 10
you may well find the same game will be just as happy on direct x 11 or 9c
its just to help boost sales of windows 10 like cortana which now you can't even turn the bitch fully off
unless you install some third party software.
and don't get me started on that thing they call the start button. what a complete joke that thing is.

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