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Davey help me buddy!
Okay i got every driver knowned and working except

Universal Serial Bus controller is exclamation mark with yellow thin
and unknown device

i clicked property on unknown device and it says Location : On Microsoft ACPI-Compliant System

yeah help me davey u know my evereset stats its in other forum thnx!
hum thats a interesting one, that should have installed with the nvidia chipset driver.

wonder if that driver was out of date.

ok i will need while but i will check over your system spec the best i can at hp, they only list very limited specs now days.
i will then see if i can find the best match on that info at nvidia and direct you to the download direct from them.

xp sp2 should auto load usb 2 support that was one of its selling points, have you used windows update yet ?
if not use windows update over and over to bring your copy of xp up to date.
take note if xp offers any drivers while your installing these updates.
ok i think that laptop is based on the nforce 430 chipset

load up this set of drivers from nvidia , they will be more up to date the the ones from hp.

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