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Monitor Setup
So I have been using a dual monitor setup for a few years now. I do quite a bit of multi tasking and the extra work space is always nice.
I'm looking to upgrade my setup, I've been looking at maybe getting a single 34"ultra wide(3440x1440) since it would be the closest to my current setup that I'm familiar with, which is 2 1080p monitors.

Any opinions on them that have personal experience with using them on a daily basis?
My other option besides an ultra wide would probably be a 4k 28-32" monitor.
I have monitors that size and above in the station and two brands stand out the most and that is
Samsung and LG both give a outstanding picture but it comes down to two things

your video card and your budget.

the higher the screen res the more work your video card has to do so check what Is the max your
card can do and then look for a monitor.

nice idea of 4K but have you seen the price of those ?
and again it comes down to your video card and if it can output 4k at reasonable speeds.

like you I do have dual monitors 2 x 24" I need that space when I have charts all over the screen but I also have a three way sli set up that can cope with doing that.
but even if i wanted to upgrade to 4K i would have to change my video cards which would be a shame really
as i have three good cards.

one thing i would advise you on and that is the ports, forget hdmi and go for the display port option you get a much better picture at very high res if you use that port.
i believe my card can do 4k its an r9 390, its a pretty decent card, it can do pretty much everything I need it to do with ease, but i plan on upgrading it soon. Not sure if ill go with the 1080ti whenever it releases or wait on amds next big card like the rx 490 or the fury x equivalent.

oddly enough I mostly just go for LG monitors, since they seem to be pretty nice at color reproduction.

i've seen the prices haha, they're pretty expensive but I'll wait on black friday sales to pick either one of them since prices rly plummet for alot of things around that time. Currently i can buy a 4k monitor smallest being 28" for a little under $400 which isn't bad but gonna wait on those sales haha
Plus I kind of want a bigger monitor if I go for 4k.

The ultra wide 34inch monitors though are a bit more pricey. I have my eye on one and its priced at $550 atm

Although I'm more interested in the ultra wide 1440p monitors atm. I've never used an ultra wide, might be why I'm interested in it haha
the price of those 4k monitors over here are just silly money if I exchange my money for yours your talking of
a starting price of $1000 and that's for a small one.
I do have my eye on a newer 1070 gtx cards I admit that and I will go for those when they drop in price
at the moment I have 3 x gtx 970 very good cards I must say but the 1070 seems to have taken my fancy these days.

my system can handle three of those without a problem but its a shame really as I don't play games I am not a gamer.
I just need lots of rich colours and high res in real time readouts.

most people would say my current gtx 970's are over kill and they would be right but the 1070 has much lower power
usage and much better specs.
I would have gone with a 970 when I got this card but I didn't like how it only had 3.5GB of full speed vram while they advertised it as a 4GB card. So I went with the 8GB r9 390
Since I do a lot of multitasking it comes in handy not to mention gaming as well, but that hardly uses more than 4Gb unless i'm playing a modded version of a game, other then that, I think this card would do just fine at 1440p with the extra vram it has. Although I'm still going to upgrade it in the near future.

The 1070 is tempting honestly but they increased the prices of their cards, I wish the price range was how it used to be,pretty much every card in that performance range in the past was at the very minimum of $330 here, like the 470, 570, 670, 770, 970 were all at the very least $350 but the 1070 is pretty much $50-100 more which is unfortunate. It kind of puts me off on purchasing NVidia cards all together

I've never really heard of anyone 3-way SLi 970s that sounds extremely overkill haha, another thing NVidia killed off was their 3 way SLi support too sadly.
to be honest NVidia killed it off but its not hard to do a three way these days just as long as you know what your doing
and your motherboard can support the bandwidth.

not sure if it was NVidia or intel that killed that idea.
intel started to steal pci-e lanes in order to support the faster M2 SSD

to be honest I have always stuck with NVidia cards I had a few really bad problems with ATI and then AMD and that
was enough for me to stay away from them.
I think Nvidia are just making money these days as they know AMD don't have the research money they do so they can charge a higher price and people will pay it.
intel do the same thing a intel cpu is well over priced but people pay that price because its the better choice.

sadly the only thing keeping these two companies in line is AMD and they are in trouble it won't be long before they go broke
you may well find that both NVidia and intel invest in AMD to keep them around or it could spell big trouble
for just about everyone.

AMD have done some good products over the years but they really are falling behind these days as they failed to get into the phone and tablet market.
with more and more pc's hitting the scrap heap all these big companies will be sitting in their boardrooms asking where did we go wrong.

Microsoft is another one and one I would like to see get a massive kick in the arse, windows is no longer the most used O/S
and its about time they took their head out of their arse and took notice of what people are telling them.
everybody I have spoken too don't like windows 10 and the only reason they are sticking with it is because they don't know how
to get rid of it.
those of us that do know how to kick that O/S have done just that.
windows 10 is of no use to me in my business so I don't use it.

there is a new company just set up out here and they had notices everywhere looking for someone that could
get rid of windows 10 from their brand new systems.
I will give you three guesses who stepped up to the job ?
yup me lol, I switched them back to windows 7 because like me their hardware and software could not handle windows 10
So I just recently got a new 34in LG ultrawide monitor and its pretty nice.

Oddly I've run into some topics that say that a 20pin DP cable can literally ruin your hardware.
I'm pretty new to DP so I dont have much experience using it but I've been seeing some people say that it could ruin GPUs and whatnot. not sure if its true though.

The DP cable I got is a 20pin(this one to be specific http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.as...6812200205) and I have noticed some random flickers here and there but I'm unsure if its driver relate since ReLive just released. I have the refreshed rate clocked at 75Hz so I can play games a tad higher refresh rate than the usual 60. I've played some games and watched movies on it and havent noticed it. I've only noticed it happening when theres not much going on. Atleast not yet, I've only had this it for about a week so I'll see how it continues to run. Maybe a bad cable? Its tough to tell atm.

What are your experiences with DP?
I think it comes down to how good your hardware is to start with.
the problem with display port is the fact there is no set clock speeds.
its using data packets much like a lan card does so if one packet gets lost you will see a flicker.

I did try data port in the station on one of the large screens I did hope it would give better colour
output to HDMI but to be honest I found the two were both the same so went back to HDMI

not everything new is better and display port has it's problems much like most newer hardware these days.
the end user ends up being a beta tester they just don't know it till things screw up and they take back their hardware
with a list of problems.
that's how the big companies seem to work these days, no real in house testing just get it out the door with mega hype and let the public test it.
display port has already gone from version 1 to 1.4 so I would think its still in the buggy stage.
when it gets to version 2 I will look at it again because when they do a massive change its normally followed by a jump in version number.
Thats unfortunate, I always heard alot of positive things about DP up until I did a little research about the destructive possibilities it is capable of. I guess if I see more problems arise in the future I'll probably go back to DVI or HDMI.
How fun to beta test personal hardware, I guess it comes with the platform now seeing how windows 10 still feels like its in beta.
windows 10 is a beta and it will always be a beta.
its full of bugs that can cause some big problems.
the more Microsoft try and patch it the worse it becomes but then as the old saying
goes you can't polish a turd, but at least with a turd it ages and stops stinking
unlike windows 10 that will always stink lol lol

I would go back to HDMI now and not risk your hardware at this stage when things improve then go back to DP
what DP needs is a clear spec sheet that all GFX and monitor companies can follow then things might improve.

what they need to do is sit down and sort out the video and audio side of things first and then worry about carrying usb e.t.c later, most people with DP just want the picture at this stage they are not worried by everything else it can do.
Just when I thought windows 8 was pretty bad, dunno which of the two is better atm.
The only reason I have for using 10 is for the latest DX lol...

Yeah, I suppose you're right. I dont really want to risk my hardware, I just wish they actually worked on it enough to actually be usable without any destruction. We are paying for the tech in hopes of something better lol
its the same old story they will work on it for a while and if they can't sort out its problems it will get dropped
for something newer and better.
just look at the M2 slot when that first came out, ha! did not last long before that was replaced with a new and improved version with a different key cut for the drives.

I have seen it all before and I will see it all again before my toes turn up lol

on a side note the m2 drives are a massive rip off price wise.
no outer metal case just a pcb with a few ics, like a naked memory pen,
only the top of the range has better flash memory ic's the run of the mill has normal ones the same as
any other ssd and for that they charge up to twice the price.

I am looking at the newer GFX cards I have my eye on the gtx 1080 at the moment.
NVidia are killing AMD these days
So I did switch over the HDMI and I saw that it will also flicker over time. I did some research and turns out it is my gpu when going into a lower power state.

The only times I don't notice any flicker is when I have more than 1 monitor plugged in since my card doesn't go into that low power state. Another time is when the gpu is overload such as gaming.

Oddly I never saw flickering until I switched to HDMI and DP. I had always been on DVI and didn't notice any flickering at all.

I have seen some people with rly terribly flickering because of this low powered state when multi screen set ups.
not uncommon in ATI cards to have a quick hiccup when switching power state
Nvidia tend to be a little better that way but I have seen them do a mega quick black screen when they change state.

this is going to sound a little odd but check for a bios update for your video card.
like a motherboard a GFX card has its own bios, sometimes a new bios will come out that can sort such problems
out and very much like a motherboard make sure you get your card model and version number correct
or you could end up with a dead or badly working card.

if you look on the back of your GFX card you should find a sticker with the full model number on it.
then pop over to the people that made that card IE msi , gigabyte , e.t.c and check with them
The only card manufacturer that did release a bios update for their card about this flickering issue was asus atleast from what I seen people post. I've talked to gigabyte and they said they never seen the issue, but i've read about it from quite a few people having issues unfortunately. So they weren't able to help, they just asked the same questions like what kind of cable I'm using, how long it is, or if I'm using adapters. They even asked if it flickers if I set it my monitor at 30hz. I eventually just gave up asking since it wasn't going anywhere.

I just know it doesn't flicker when I'm getting some sort of use from the GPU. Other than that, if its idle or I'm casually browsing the net is when I notice it flicker most.

I do see 1 bios release but it doesn't mention much in the description. I'm not sure if my card already has that bios already.
that's a odd answer from gigabyte as they now own asus unless they are still trading as different companies
with different support tech's

to find your video card bios you can look at the advanced display properties in windows it will be listed there.
that can be found under display settings, advanced, properties.

the flicker would show up while just browsing if you watch say a youtube video and then just read.
the video will need more power then just text so the card will switch power state.
if asus have done a bios update then its a known problem and the others including gigabyte should get off their backsides
and do their own.
the problem is gigabyte are getting lazy, my Z97 board is not that old but they have stopped doing bios updates for it so the M2 slot
won't work on a lot of the newer x4 cards, again that's just being dam lazy as all it needs is a bios update to support all cards but they won't do it
they want you to buy the newer boards.

I have stuck with gigabyte boards since socket 370 but I won't be using them for my next build.
this Z97-SLI board I have has been a complete nightmare and its gone back three times only to be replaced with another crappy board.
my next build will be with asrock as I feel they are doing a lot more these days then the bigger boys such as gigabyte, asus, msi
I did try to check my bios through that method and all I see is xxx-xxx-xxx
I did manage to get it through the Crimson software, forgot that it shows all info about hardware there lol.

So there is a newer BIOS to download, although would it really help since it shows nothing about power issues being resolved in the description.

Since I hooked up my second monitor again I haven't really noticed any flickering but I think its cause my gpu is now never in power saving mode. Is this how all multi monitor setups are? Although I do recall my GPU being in a lower power state with 2 monitors before I got this ultra wide monitor. Now my gpu temps are usually in the 60c range now instead of 30-40c like it was before.
Using MSI burner, I don't actually see my gpu being used, the core clock is no where near 100% used. When I just have my ultra wide hooked up, its usually in a power save state mode and temps in the low 30c.
having two monitors connected will cause the card to work a little harder but as long as your not doing GFX heavy work it should still go in to a lower power state.
mine do but then I have three cards lol ( just greedy )
this room is very cool with my aircon on full i hate this room being warm so my cards are normally on
25 to 30 mark and if pushed go up to around the 50 mark.

if there is a newer bios and its for your card then yes i would say update it.
there must be a problem that update solves or they would not have released it.
but make sure you back up your old bios and follow to the letter how to flash the new one.
its very easy to screw a GFX card bios in fact i think its more easy then a motherboard bios as most motherboards
there days will recover from a bad flash, not so with a GFX card if it goes wrong it goes wrong.

I have recovered a few GFX cards over the years but it means putting a working one and the dead one in the system at the same time, its not easy but is possible.
I just find it a bit strange seeing that it was always in a low powered state with my 2 1080p monitors. Now that I got an ultrawide, it doesn't go into that low power state, I didn't change anything else except upgrading one monitor. Its not even pushing any serious power to the card, just doesn't go into that save state. When playing games the temps don't really change from 60c either. If it does its barely at 70c with gpu intense games.

I'd just like for my gpu to idle more often than not, since its usually idle. So its using resources when it doesn't really need to.

I would try that bios update but I'm can't afford to mess up my gpu if I happen to try it lol. I'm a bit paranoid honestly. I've never done a gpu bios update, just only upgraded motherboard bios when needed.
I haven't noticed any screen flickering since hooking up my second monitor permanent, although its never in that low power state now.
Currently I have my ultrawide on HDMI, and my 2nd monitor on DVI. I'm probably going to go back to DP in a few days for my ultrade and HDMI for my second monitor.

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