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Laptop Mouse Buttons Dead
would seem to be a common problem under windows 10.
its a mix of crappy drivers and windows 10 being a pig
first off you need to check windows 10 to make sure its enabled the device.
control panel, hardware and sound, mouse.
on the box that's now open look at the tabs for your trackpad, click that and make sure its enabled.
if not enable it.

most trackpads run from a usb port on the motherboard so best to update your main motherboard drivers
just in case its those ones that are playing about and not the touchpad ones.

I also need you to double check that touchpad just to make sure its the one you think it is.
go in to device manager and call up the touchpad.
I need its device id string to confirm what one it is.

the driver you found and installed does support windows 10 however under you laptops main support page its not listing
any drivers for that touchpad above windows 7 which makes me think Lenovo have yet t test and release one for your model.
but if I can track down what trackpad version that is I should be able to find something to work with it.
the other option would be to use the windows 7 driver and load it with the compatibility mode pre set for windows 7
how to do that is like this, I think this works for windows 10 but I have not had time to test so you can let me know how this goes.
first off download the correct windows 7 driver.
right-click the file name, then click Properties.
click the Compatibility tab.
click Change Settings for All Users.
click the box next to Run this Program in Compatibility Mode for:
Using the drop-down menu select the Operating System that matches the Operating System of the driver downloaded. click Apply, then click OK.
right-click the driver file, then click Run as Administrator.
19.The User Account Control window may appear, if so click Yes to start the installation and follow the prompts that appear to install the touchpad driver.

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