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New system
Hi Dave,

Looking to build a new system, Do you have any preference on what would make a fast pc but on a budget? (2nd hand but good hardware)

I was looking at this on eBay but not sure what to offer them

In my opinion I'd say any Intel i5 Ivybridge, Haswell, or Skylake CPU paired with an SSD for starters.

Also I can't view the ebay link for some odd reason.
i5 3rd gen or the upper AMD chips such as this one

you could also cheat and buy a full second dell or other i5 system and then mod it to your needs with a better GFX card.
dell 960, 980 both come with i5 but you need to check the specs
[Image: b719ef0f06054d2287d36f516bf51a29.png]
this is the ebay one i posted
(12-12-2016, 03:36 PM)ste!! Wrote: [Image: b719ef0f06054d2287d36f516bf51a29.png]
this is the ebay one i posted

That CPU is pretty enticing. I'm running a i7 4790k myself and its a very nice CPU, been running it for about 2yrs and still going strong.

Only thing that caught my eye and not worth too much is the GPU. That card is about 6yrs old and who knows what kind of abuse its been through, unless its also brand new. Also You would still need a windows key, unless you already have one you should be good to go.

Considering it is used, I'd say probably half the cost of what each part costs new(excluding the i7 4790k, that still fetches a bit higher still). Not including the GPU since that's fairly cheap to get on ebay alone.

(12-12-2016, 08:05 AM)davey6 Wrote: i5 3rd gen or the upper AMD chips such as this one

you could also cheat and buy a full second dell or other i5 system and then mod it to your needs with a better GFX card.
dell 960, 980 both come with i5 but you need to check the specs

Not a bad idea, especially since if it stops working early on you can rely on warranty
But it is pretty cheap to get an i5 dell and I would second this if you're hesitant.
hum that's not a good gigabyte board mate.
I have the z97-sli board myself and I can say with my hand on my heart that gigabyte are
not the company they once were.
my own board has gone back a total of three times as the M2 slot packs up and they end up sending me a
new one, the last replacement came with the newer version 1.2 board and so far so good.
I have always like gigabyte and over the years I would praise them to the cows come home but not
the newer ones.
something that might shock you more then anything else is the fact these days a good buy would be asrock
they have come a long long way over the years and put so much more on their boards for the same amount
of money as a gigabyte or asus.

it something worth keeping in mind if you go for a new build over a second hand one.
asrock boards are worth the money these days
I currently have this board

forgot to check what chip it has in, is it worth keeping this and bettering the cpu / ram?
as long as the bios is up to date it can support the early 3rd gen i5 / i7 ( ivy bridge )

you can continue to use that board if you wish as it has usb3 support but does lack
sli or even cross fire support.

best i5 I think that board can take is the 3770K the K means its unlocked and you can overclock if you want to.
the i7 for that board is well over priced even second hand.

full cpu support list for that board can be found at gigabyte under downloads
you will see it listed just before you choose what you want to download.
Yeah, the i5 3570k for that board is a little pricy on ebay from what I saw. Oddly hovering close to the i7 3770k atleast in the US sellers. They're still pretty fast cpus from what I see in day to day use.
ste is in the uk and on the uk ebay the i5 is much cheaper then the i7.

the uk is expensive at the best of times and they tend to pay over the top for hardware.

I would love to see what would happened in the USA if they were charged the same for petrol as the uk.
the UK is tax mad they would tax you on a fart if they could get away with it.

I will show you that as well, ste how much do you pay for car insurance ?
I bet you pay as much for one car as I do for all of mine.
then theres road fund ( another tax ) m.o.t yet more tax and then they have the cheek to slap 12%
tax on people that do have car insurance, £2.63 per imperial gallon petrol tax and then slap 20% v.a.t on top of that
yet with all that income from tax the roads in the uk are some of the worst in the world for pot holes and speed humps
and cash cow speed cams.

and people wonder why I run away from the uk as fast as the plane would carry me lol
The current cpu is a g2020 2.9 dual, should this be any good as it seems to be lagging

Insurance I think I pay £700 for my van and around £400 for the car, yes the uk is very tax crazy :(

Close to £200 a year road tax on each car, £1.20 /L of fuel....
yup you pay more then I do mate, when I do the exchange rate from pounds to euro I can tell you
I pay £350 for full com company insurance which covers all my own cars with any driver.
road tax nope don't pay that and petrol is around 79p/L

I think the thing that's letting you down here is the limited 1333 ddr and fsb speeds
of that motherboard, the I range of cpu's really need 1600 and above to get the best out of them.

I think if you really want the i5 you will need to ditch that board for something better.
lagging maybe down to you hard drive getting old so I will throw something else in for you to
think about.
get a SSD as your main boot drive and keep your old spinning disk for data and program files.
you will get the best of both worlds doing it that way.
just testing the upgrade went ok.
upgraded the forum software so if you noticed anything is screwed please let me know.
• Windows 7 Professional 64BIT

• AMD A10 7700K 3.4GHz Quad Core Black Edition (Turbo Clock - 3.8GHz)

• AMD Radeon R7 APU Graphics

• 8GB FAST 1600MHz DDR3 Memory (RAM)

•1000GB Seagate 7200RPM Hard Disk

• Gigabyte FM2+ USB 3.0 HDMI & VGA Motherboard

• 500W 80MM Black Power Supply

• USB 2.0 x5 - USB 3.0 x3 Ports

• USB Dyno WIFI 150MBPS Adaptor

• DVD RW Optical Drive (optional)

• HDMI + DVI + VGA Outputs

(Triple Monitor support)


Does that sound any good?
and the price ste ?

that AMD chip can support ddr3 2133
can't check the motherboard out as I need its full model number lots of different boards starting with FM2+
little low on usb 3 as well, I would expect 6 these days.
no name on psu so I would not think that would last long or if it could kick out its rated 500watt.
and I don't think you need me to remind you what I think of Seagate lol

don't mean to put such a downer on this system it all comes down to price really.
£320 for that system, +£55 to get a 120gb ssd
so in total your looking at £400 for a system.
hum I can do better spec wise then that for £400 even now despite things being priced up for Christmas.

however with that said I would say wait two weeks get Christmas out the way and let the sales kick in.
you will get a lot better system for the money.

do you have any parts from any old system you want to keep ?
if so let me know what they are psu, HD e.t.c

Samsung are going to start a SSD war soon and I hope they do as they are over priced
current hdd is a WD 640gb sata
psu doesnt have anything on it
ram is 2x 4gb ddr3 no speed on it
use cpuz to find the memory speed.

note Microsoft do not like this program being on windows 10 they like to remove it
without your permission.
its a safe program and its been out for years.

is that WD drive ticking yet ? it sounds funny but WD tend to tick before they pack up.
the tick sound is made by the heads skipping around on the platers.

you can test its health with HD tune
small tip when using that program if you click the AAM tab it will show you if the drive is set to
speed or safe, if supported by your model you can change that setting even in the trail version to tell the
drives firmware to use speed over safe mode.
that may even help with your bottle neck a little If the drive is accessing faster.

PSU with no name = cheap and nasty not worth keeping it unless you want to use it as a spare in the system to run
just a GFX card.
a lot of cases these days can hold two PSU and its cheaper to buy two 600watt ones then one big 1200 watt.
you just get a loop over connector on ebay so both switch on and off at the same time.

that's what I done in my own system I have two 800watt PSU in my pc, one is doing normal pc work the other the GFX cards.
and just to make sure both wear at the same time I swap them around every 6 months as the GFX one does work the hardest powering all three cards.
by now I would think your child is bouncing off the walls due to Christmas, I feel sorry for you because I know what that is like.
despite ola being over 60 now his still like a 5 yr old at Christmas time and drives me 100% crazy looking for things I have bought him.
he can look all he likes because everything I have for him is not in this house.
my mother is in hyper active mode because she likes everyone around for Christmas dinner and all the time poor old Davey is just sitting around
doing what he always does and that is stay well out of the way of those two.
Left the machine and forgot what exactly it was, speed was 664 I believe. The he's sounds fine and the heal check ran fine. I turned the AAM speed up but still a bit laggy. I'm using on board graphics should I put a gfx card in it?

I'm mainly using it for Photoshop... I don't pay games but just wanted a decent setup.

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