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New system
depending on how much you spend

second gen i5 like this one is cheap enough http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Intel-Core-i5-...SwTuJYpFTQ

or if you have a little more to spend a i5 third gen such as this

clearly third gen over the second if you can afford it
but remember they also did second and third gen i7 in that socket as well so it all comes down to price really

one thing to keep in mind look at the second hand pc's on ebay
some that have the second and third gen i5 may well be cheaper then buying the cpu on its own
and don't count out spares or repairs machines, read what it says as some sellers test the hardware
and they say if the cpu is working or not.

when it comes to keeping cost down I will do everything I know possible to help people.
now you know why I am called " that uk pc guy " around here lol
Is this the best i7 chip it can take?

if you can find the 3770K then that is the max supported

the K on the end means its a unlocked cpu and can be over clocked
(07-01-2017, 01:09 PM)davey6 Wrote: if you can find the 3770K then that is the max supported

the K on the end means its a unlocked cpu and can be over clocked

I went for it


It says the cpu is performing way below expectations, do you think this is because I didn't do a clean install after upgrading it?
Also noticed ram speed was still showing as 1333

I've pressed the over clock genie button and that seems to have cured both problems..

that cpu is best suited to 1600 ram so I would double check that in your bois.
there must be a option to increase the ram speed even beyond 1600

that cpu will over clock to 4 gig without to much trouble, they are a very good cpu with
very high over clock speeds even on basic air cooling so its worth over clocking it to 4 gig

my own i5 runs very well at 4.5 gig which is very stable and where its been since day one.
my ram is 2133 but to get there I must over clock or it won't use it.
Its running very nice now :) . I'm going to up the gfx and pass it onto my son for xmas. Then make better build for myself :) :)
have you seen the price of the new i7 Eek  dam intel
have really lost the plot with their prices these days and that's only
because AMD can't get their act together.

Nvidia are pretty much going the same way, again because AMD own AT I they can't seem
to catch up anymore let alone beat Nvidia.

people don't understand that they just don't need that much power to do day to day task
its only gamers that need top of the range stuff.

sounds stupid but a P4 running at 3 gig with a 512 meg video card and 3 gig of ram is enough to run
80% of what the public need a pc for.

and then people wonder why the older stuff don't get support anymore its the simple way of
making you pay out for shit you just don't need or will ever use.

I remember people moaning that windows vista was a system hog compared to windows 10
it was dam light on your system Slap

with windows 10 reporting back every single min your pc is clogged up with bloatware
just so that can show you ad after ad for yet more shit you don't need.
Rapps Daveeeee???
these spammers are getting on the few nerves I have left.
they do more then one post but only one out of say 6 post has the spam links in it.
problem is I am not always able to get on the site anymore ( health problems )
but when I do see them I still hit them with the ban stick.

dead give away is the avatar when its crappy its a spammer

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