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Case Fans
So I got 4 fans for my case and I only have 2 3-pin Chassis fan header and  Chassis fan 1 4-pin. I bought a fan hub(SilverStone PWM Fan Hub CPF04) but noticed I have no control over my fans and they just run at max speeds, surprisingly its still pretty quiet but I rather them not be on at 100% all the time. I should have done a little research before buying it since my fans are 3-pin fans unfortunately, but I'll just be sticking with them since I have them already. Before I got the hub only 2 of them were controlled through F-Stream Tuning(Fan-Tastic Tuning) software which works okay as far as I'm concerned. I never used any fan speed software before.

I did look into using the 4-pin Chassis fan header on my motherboard but from what I looked up I would still have 0 fan speed control with it since my fans would have to be 4-pin.
I also read that I could use the CPU Fan1 4-pin as well, but I think it would result with the same thing having 0 control over the fans?

Should I just put the fan hub aside and just go back to how I had the fans setup?(2 controlled via 3-pin, 2 no control)

Mobo: AsRock Fatal1ty Z97 Killer

I will have to download your manual and check its bios over.
I have the gigabyte z97-sli board and like you I have the main cpu head 4 wire and that is controlled by the
bios and intel i5 chip so does it own auto speed up and down crap.
however my other headers are three pin but I have full control over them in the bios screen
I can tell the bios just how fast I want my system fans running in % wise

I will post back once I have a change to read over your bios layout as it should be in there somewhere.
Oddly, my cpu fan stays around a constant speed. I did a fan speed test on it and it stays around 1600RPM even at 10% speed and at 100% speed its also around 1600RPM.
you can control yours in bios under Hardware Health Event Monitoring Screen.
and also by using the asrock software.

if you have the manual look at 4.6 for more info or download it direct from them

its a bit like mine you can set each a temp or speed

would that splitter take advantage of voltage speed powered fans?
The silverstone fan hub I got just runs all my fans at 100% speed. So I was wonder if I opted for those fan splitters I could just use those to control the speed of my fans via voltage

I tried adjusting the settings with that silverstone hub but it doesn't do anything. I had the fans plugged to the board directed before I got that hub and they would turn off/on or slow down when they were needed. Since I got a new set of fans I can only control 3 fans directly so I ran out of headers on the motherboard to plug in my 4th. Its unfortunate that the 4th header thats 4 pins doesn't work with 3-pin fans, it just runs the fan at 100% speed all the time.
yes that would work but if its direct to motherboard it may be too much for the header itself
I am unsure how much a fan header can take in ampage before it will shut down.

I have had older fan speed controllers before and they always done what I wanted at the time.
they looked like this http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BS936-4-Channe...SwUKxYcD2O
but newer ones such as this should also do the job
I decided to get one of those manual fan controllers, seems a bit more convenient and I'll have more control in a way.

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